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Join Reverso Register Login Facebook connect. PRO-plast unterstützt lediglich den Vertragsabschluss zwischen dem Verkäufer und dessen Kunden mit Hilfe der Veröffentlichung des jeweiligen Verkaufsinserates. Otherwise your message will be regarded as spam. In particular, the use of a less appropriate discount rate has a limited or no effect on the measurement of the liability at inception. This is valid in particular for requirements from being to blame for with conclusion of a contract.

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English-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others. More information! Contains translations by TU Chemnitz and Mr .

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Are you missing a word, phrase or translation? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. If events arise relating to the buyer that make his creditworthiness appear doubtful, or if such circumstances in existence prior to contract conclusion become known, then we may withdraw from the contract or demand immediate payment of the entire owed amount.

Die Provision wird ebenso fällig, wenn ein Vertragsabschluss zwischen Firmen zustande kommt, an denen entweder der Anbieter oder der Interessent beteiligt ist oder Vertretungsvollmacht hat oder bei Firmen, die in Verbindung mit dem Interessenten stehen. The commission also matures, if a contract conclusion between companies is accomplished, in which either the offerer or the interested party is involved in or has procuration or in case of companies that are in connection with the interested party.

DHMA obtains the right of access to personal data of the object of agreement, if a contract is concluded between offerer and interested party. If this obligation is violated, the client has to pay the full commission to the exclusively mandated broker in case of a main contract conclusion , and that without proof of loss. Price increases for non-merchants are permissible accordingly, if there is a time period of more than 3 months between contract conclusion and delivery.

Die Einführung der Boeing bei Lufthansa verlief reibungslos und auch der Markteintritt in die Betreuung der Boeing signalisiert unseren Kunden Innovationsfähigkeit und höchste technische Kompetenz. Measures that reduce costs and boost productivity are already benefiting many processes, and numerous new contract conclusions have contributed to our good result. The introduction of the Boeing at Lufthansa went without a hitch, and our market entry into technical service provision for the Boeing has once again demonstrated our innovative capability and outstanding technical expertise to our customers.

If the mediation results in a contract conclusion between offerer and interested party, DHMA receives for the mediation services a corresponding commission fee in the stated height and maturity.

In case the interested party buys further objects from the offerer, that are not listed above, again a DHMA-commission will fall due. The translator may make contract conclusion subject to the presentation of a written authorisation, or to an initial down payment or bank guarantee from an approved major German bank. The entry has been added to your favourites. You are not signed in. Please sign in or register for free if you want to use this function.

An error has occured. Ein neuer Vertragsabschluss könnte also unmittelbar bevorstehen. Therefore the conclusion of a new contract could be imminent. Ich komme zu spät zum Vertragsabschluss. I'm late for my signing meeti.

Sie erfasst jedoch auch die Validierung und den Vertragsabschluss. But it also extends to validating and closing. With ordering a service or product a contract is automaticly concluded. In any event, our liability shall be limited to foreseeable and typical damages.

PRO-plast unterstützt lediglich den Vertragsabschluss zwischen dem Verkäufer und dessen Kunden mit Hilfe der Veröffentlichung des jeweiligen Verkaufsinserates. PRO plast merely supports the concluding of a contract between the vendor and its customers by means of the publication of the respective sale advertisement. Seller's offers are without obligation and are non-binding until a contract is concluded. The wholesale roaming access shall be granted within a reasonable period of time not exceeding three months from the conclusion of the contract.

Securities shall be released immediately where contract applications or tenders are not accepted. In Nordamerika erhalten Reseller einen Rabatt auf diesen Listenpreis. So besteht bei einem Vertragsabschluss eine zusätzliche Gewinnspanne ohne besonderen Zusatzaufwand. In North America, resellers are provided with a discount to that list price, allowing the reseller to make additional margin on a deal without expending significant incremental effort. Register to see more examples Register Connect.

About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations. Vertragsabschluss - terms of contract. Ich übersetzte gerade eine überarbeitete Version von Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen. The terms are EUR Provisions for termination loss - Vorkehrungen für nicht erfolgten Vertragsabschluss. At month end, calculate and submit input for Project Cost to…. Company A values the total ente….

Spätestens wenn es zum Vertragsabschluss kommt, Klingt für mich irgendwie komisch? Kann mir jemand sagen, ob es trotdem korrekt ist oder vie…. Es geht um einen Lizenzvertrag. Der Lizenznehmer wird Herstellung un…. Die Unverfallbarkeit der Ansprüche entsteht nach 3 Jahren weiterer Betriebszugehörigkeit ab Vertragsabschluss.