Heinzerling Foundation Employee Reviews

The pay is really low I had to take on another job just to make ends meet.

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Basic tabulations available from the BLS: There is a public use sample of the actual micro data, which is accessible through the library at Stanford. Anything and everything you want to know about Americans.

This is not in a format that can be easily downloaded. But it is a good source to look up unusual data and find out who collects them. Includes the National Survey of Family Growth see below for details and many other interesting surveys.

I am not sure if there is free access through the library. The NSFG gathers information on family life, marriage and divorce, pregnancy, infertility, use of contraception, and men's and women's health. This data has been collected in irregular intervals since Note that the NSFG is not a panel and the scope of the survey has expanded considerably since then. Detailed data on how Americans spend their time, annual survey since This is a repeated cross-section, not a panel.

Unfortunately, it is a survey of individuals, not households, which makes. Older time use surveys are available for selected years, but not directly comparable to the ATUS. Bureau of the Census. Micro Data for other Countries.

The data is available from the RED webpage: The SHIW began in the s with the aim of gathering data on the incomes and savings of Italian households. Information on expenditure is also available, similar to the CEX in the U. The sample used in the most recent surveys comprises about 8, households 24, individuals , distributed over about Italian municipalities. Data for Developing Countries. DHS surveys are micro data sets for many countries and many years. A good starting point is the following webpage: Four waves are available by now: Note that while the data is not representative of the entire country, it is supposedly representative of rural Malawi.

Cross-country data on many different topics, including basic economic variables, population related variables and some social indicators. Available for free through the library you may have tobe on campus for this to work. Check it out, easy to use, you can either look at a special variable of interest very easily, or download an entire data extract as excel or ascii file.

Many of the people employed here were also prejudiced, and it made life working for this company miserable. The pay is awful. Very low for what the jobs entail. The only part I loved about this place wete the residents. There is a building for the children and another for the adults. The residents were so sweet and wonderful.

But, there are other places along the same lines of work that you could work at. I do not suggest Heinzerling. Verry great work environment.

Had a great year with my residents loved working with them wouldnt change them for the world i also learn So much in my year of eing there met alot of great people. This job is about them. A place to help the disabled become as independent as possible.

A home for disabled of all ages and we are helping them live everyday lifestyle. Providing assistance with feeding , bathing, changing diapers and dressing. Everyone is so friendly and works as a team I work weekends and holidays most of the time weekends are pretty busy with answering phones and checking visitors in and out. I worked at this company in three different jobs. I loved all of them because I loved my residents and most of the staff I had to interact with was great.

However, management plays favoritism among employers. One employee may get disciplined for one thing and another employee does not receive same discipline for similar actions. There tends to be a lot of drama throughout the facility as well. Good Workplace with Great Mission. The ESA department has a lot of good people and they are all hard workers who take care of each other. Laundry work is very physically demanding and Housekeeping work requires you to work independently almost all of the time.

The job was pretty easy-going and sometimes if you were in laundry could really wear you down. However, what made the job worth it to me was that you are serving all the residents and getting to know them was a great satisfaction. The kids make this a very happy place to work. They are a pleasure to work with. They work hard with their goal and make it easy to work with them. I enjoyed working with the people who lived there. I worked well with the people.

I leaned that you have to start with open eyes and try hard to lean what it is to do. I loved my residents. My managers were lazy and horrible. They fire people left and right for no reason. Favortism runs crazy with management and certain employees. There is no chance of a raise. The patient to DCA ratio is ridiculously dangerous and a lot of illegal activity takes place. Heinzerling is hands down the best facility I ever worked at. The staff really cared for and took great care of the residents.

It's a laid back very friendly environment. The pay is really low I had to take on another job just to make ends meet. It is a low pay job, but a very satisfying job. Laundry and Housekeeping is self explanatory, this is hard physical cleaning and alot of laundry for the residents. Supervisor years entailed getting the shift organized, giving our assignments for the day. Residents would get snacks and dinner, bathed and put to bed.