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Cave 4 entrance is located near Yacht. Cave 5 has two entrances on the south-west of the peninsula, as well an underwater entrance beneath Geese Lake. Please note however, that entering the underwater entrance without the re-breather will likely lead to death. Cave 5 is divided into two sections by a giant Stone Door.

It is also worth noting most of Cave 5 is underwater. Many Cannibal effigys in this area. Location of Cave 5 entrance. Cave 5 entrance between the rocks. Climbing entrance is one of three Cave 5 entrences.

Caves- upped collision detail on walls for cave 5 Removed Armsy from bottom of cave 5 Moved rusty axe from early in cave 5 to deeper inside cave 5. Cave 6 stretches under the west coast of the peninsula.

It is split into two halves by an underwater passage, and connects to caves 5- submerged and waterfall. It is one of the most dangerous, having multiple mutants, over a dozen cannibals, and many babies.

Both halves contain several passengers. In order to fully explore the cave, the player will need the rebreather and two explosives. The eastern half has one climbing entrance on the north side of Goose Lake , dropping into a small room full of beheaded lawyers and their briefcases, from which the cave draws its name.

It initially houses 1 Virginia and multiple regular cannibals. To the north, it continues into cave waterfall through a pair of destructible rock walls. To the south, a long flooded passage leads to cave 5- submerged. The western half has 2 squeeze-in entrances, one north-northwest of goose lake and one in the side of a hill near the shipping containers. Its passages house both types of Pale Cannibals and multiple babies, with an additional Blue Armsy in the mass grave pit guarding the keycard.

Enterance seen from the cliff above the Geese Lake. Geese Lake in the distance. One of three Cave 6 entrances. Entrance between the rocks near Shipping Containers. Cave 6 entrance on the hill. The accessible entrance to Cave 7 squeeze-in can be found after crossing the northern-most land bridge connecting the peninsula to the mountains. It is the most difficult cave, in terms of length to complete and amount of enemies present.

It contains, currently, a minimum of 6 mutants , including Armsies , Virginias , and Cowmen , some of the blue variety. It also contains over a dozen regular cannibals , and several babies as well. In order to fully explore the cave, the player will need the Climbing Axe and the Rebreather , along with some sort of explosives.

This cave should not be attempted without being fully supplied and stocked, due to its difficulty. This cave also opens up into the side of the sinkhole via a set of stone doors , which start out fully open pedestals loaded with rocks.

It has passengers 8, 9, 10, 11, and May also have 22, 23, 24, and This cave is leading to the bottom of Sinkhole. Cave 8 has been merged with Cave 7 with most parts scrapped in v0.

It is possible that it will come back as a cave, as the developers have done so for Cave 3 see above. Updated enemy layout in Cave 8 Cave 8 moved walls near entrance to clear walking ledge Cave 8 fixed air pocket in corridor water Cave 8 re-exported walls to fix issue with climbing down ropes through rocks Cave 8 weights moved down to more easily see what you are placing in them.

There are two main entrances to Cave 9, as well as two other entrances both placed on the same ledge in the Sinkhole. In the most southern part, there is a wall that can be blown up in order to grant access to Cave 1. Multiple walls in Cave 9 can only be scaled with the Climbing Axe , which is found near the center.

The player should take care not to fall into the deep pit in the center of the cave while attempting to cross around the ledges. Cave 9 contains several cannibals , as well as several mutant babies.

Cave 9 entrance is located near white tent. Entrance is located between Big Lake and Sinkhole. Cave 9 and Cave 10 entrances are close to eachother. Location of Cave 9 entrance. Cave 9 entrance is located near two white tents. Cave 9 is located at the hill close to Big Lake. Added some tents to cave 9 climb down entrances to make them easier to find Cave 9 — adjusted layout and lighting New todo tasks: The entrance to Cave 10 can be found to the west of the sinkhole.

It is extremely deep and requires two ropes to climb down before you reach the bottom. There is one main area, half filled with water, at the bottom of the waterfall. A caver camp can be found at this level, with orange save tents, flare chests, and various supplies. Climbing down another rope will lead you to a room with a small central pond with a boat, as well as one Cowman and a single cannibal.

A map of this can be seen above, in the section for Cave 6. Near the end of the cave, there are two wooden walls that can be broken with an axe , leading to two passengers of the flight. Enterance near Seaside Village. Beach Hut Village in the far distance. This has been the temporary name used for the recently implemented cave at the bottom of the sinkhole. This can only be accessed by swimming through the small hole in the water rebreather required.

After a long swim the player will resurface in a very large chamber. Certain sections of the walls will resemble actual construction, with the same obsidian-like material as the Stone Doors. The player will encounter several cannibals. Though there is a climbing wall, it can be avoided by simply jumping up the rocks nearby and leaping across.

Further in the cave the player will find a long corridor. After traveling down a long hallway that has been constructed, the player will encounter a large mechanical door. The door leads into the Sahara research lab. This is a temporary place-holder name for the cave located between the research lab and the elevator to the observatory. It is only accessible via the research lab, with a walk-in entrance.

It features dozens of mummified corpses, perhaps those of Sahara employees who have fallen to the death obelisk. It requires the rebreather to swim through, and there are no enemies. It has one set of sacrifice doors. The caves appear to serve as a home to many of the cannibals , and are where they bring the majority of corpses they collect. Dozens of passengers can be seen hanging from the ceilings, and relatively fresh body parts can be seen hanging or scattered on the ground in some places.

Mutant babies can commonly be found in these caves, suggesting that they serve as the breeding ground for the mutants. Following this line of thought, it can be assumed that the spider mutant serves as the brood mother, seeing as how she appears to have functioning albeit horrendously deformed genitalia and is rarely seen outside of the cave system.

The caves also house a variety of mummified corpses that appear in the more unique areas. How the mummies connect to the cannibals is unknown, as they were left alone after death rather than being eaten, suggesting their presence may pre-date the formation of the cannibal society. They are most likely going to be significant figures in the developing story. New underwater lake refraction visuals! And fixed looking up in cave water and seeing only black. Scene now correctly refracted!

Player collect and switch clothing system. You can now find specific colored suitcases in the world which have outfits you can change into. Some caves and specific locations have unique outfits. Fixed players sometimes getting put back on the surface when climbing down into cave rope entrances.

Fixed a case of getting cold in caves due to rain outside Fixed enemies not drowning for clients in caves while host is in overworld Fixed enemies not positioned on ceiling correctly in caves.

Fixed some cave holes and some cave pop in issues Fixed rocks spawning above cave entrances Caves — most hanging bodies now have blood when hit.

Caves- fixed some buggy swim areas Fixed game crashing while in caves sometimes if progressing through and not killing enemies Fixed player getting cold and wet from rain while in caves optimization Animals in the overworld are now properly despawned when entering caves.

Fixed player camera breaking if taking damage during hanging in cave cutscene Gardens created in caves now have the option to plant mushrooms instead of seeds. Improved cave wall collision accuracy.

Revamped cave exploration tasks, instead of being based of invisible triggers it is now based on revealed map areas, which should make cave exploration tasks clearer and the spelunker achievement possible without cheats Caves- fixed player head intersecting with Climb walls. Caves Fixed a couple areas you could get stuck in in the stalactite room and cavern room Caves Fixed water zone in stalactite room. Fixed right hand equipped item reverting to default weapon when passing through non rope caves entrances.

Fixed some rocks around cave entrances being climbable with climbing axe Enemies will now react to seeing the players torch light at night and in caves. Caves- fixed some cave areas where players can fall through collision Fixed hole in title scene cave walls visible on ultra wide monitors. Fixed spawn sticks often intersecting rocks and positioned incorrectly Caves: Removed old purse model Fixed loading a save outside of caves but in sinkhole not enabling cave grounds properly.

Fixed flintlock gun smoke appearing overly bright in shadows or in caves Audio Fixed clients loading in caves sometimes not having any cave audio effects Caves — Removed unusable climbing wall leading down to stash room Fixed light changing on cave ground after opening big door Removed old stalactite model from caves.

Lighter now stays equipped when entering and exiting caves Performance Now unloading asset memory when exiting caves to help on systems which are short on RAM New drawings and story items added near red paint locations in caves and overworld The door at the bottom of the sinkhole cave is now openable if you have the keycard. Red paint — added more buckets to world and in caves. These can now be worn by players to scare off enemies, or have enemies pray to you.

New photo pickups showing location to hidden caches added around world and especially in caves New cave paintings added to some cave story spots. Fixed creepy mutants sometimes running away from player when in shallow water inside caves Caves- fixed angled magazines on cave floors Caves — removed old map pick up Fixed cave fires incorrectly rotated. Fixed some cave entrances popping on too close Performance Turned off some additional cave floors that were on even when player was above ground New bloody gore cave models added.

Caves — reachable skull lamps now all dynamic Caves — thicker collision on cave entrances Fixed book tabs not having sheen effect when player is in cave. Fixed thrown spear sometimes passing through cave rocks and other objects Fixed some items missing in some cave greebles causing performance to tank due to errors Overlay icons are now visible from either cave or outside world when located within sinkhole area ie: You will now only get cold in cave water if you stay swimming in it for 12seconds or more Audio — Bats exiting caves will now play multiple squeals and squeaks Audio — added new distant cave variations to various caves Added small rock pickups to caves to aid with stealth hint: Having a burning weapon in right hand now counts as a light in regards of the equip light tutorial in caves Ripped Practical Caver magazine version for survival book notes section Caves — adjusted some misaligned rocks in sinkhole Caves — Fixed various rock scale issues Improved sinkhole cave door textures.

Opened up blocking to cave system at bottom of sinkhole! Fixed cave map clipping through legs while crouch walking. Fixed playing in vegan mode clearing out caves for good not retroactive Caves — loose heads and headless body now have sound if you hit them. Caves — Bloody table and robot toy part are now dynamic. Performance Reduced memory allocations of cave map revealing system Fixed cave mutants sometimes spawning in very close to player State of cave enemy encounters are now saved!

Instead of all the mutants respawning when you re-enter a cave. Fixed entering cave sometimes breaking if player was blocking while entering. Fixed some instances of rocks floating and some cave models poking through into terrain More bats added to caves Water areas added to cave map New slide into cave system added to cave entrances! Fixed areas in caves where thin lines of light were coming in from above Fixed some issues with cave particles flickering off based on camera angle.

Sleeping bag models added to caves Hanging body models in caves moved down to stop wobbling 4 types of large cave stalagmites can now be smashed apart. Fixed bat exit cave sound inaudible. New enemy behaviour — mutants can sometimes be seen feeding on body parts in caves! Fixed weapon fire light having a really big range and lighting up entirety of caves!

Updated enemy cave layout in some caves Improved some areas of cave collision to stop feet poking through Improved cave reflection cube map for underground lakes New cave art added: Stalagmites and stalactite types Player no longer gets cold immediately when entering water at night or in caves, instead there is a chance it happens over time when water level is above ankles. New cave tileable wall textures added New cave ceiling textures added Arrows now go through cave doors and can stick to terrain behind!

Fixed lighter tut coming up in caves while underwater Improved cave water shader — now easier to see, better reflection and better clearer refractions. Wood planks in caves can now be blown up with explosives mall material tweaks: Improved look of held molotov. Improved shading on dead sharks and live sharks. New cave walls New cave wall shader with running water! Modern axe removed from yacht. Air canister added to yacht location. Removed old axe in wooden door at cave entrance. Removed lights from cave hats.

Cave mutants can be found sleeping on the ceiling again. Added waypoint system for cave mutants, instead of sleeping some cave mutants will patrol between set points. Fixed sparkly disco looking cave floors if bloom was enabled Fixed rock type in cave with no textures.

When holding map in cave player will point to his current rough location Drowning now causes instant death, without respawn in cave. Entering water in caves will now make player cold. Build a fire to warm up Fixed missing material cave dead ground Rock and stick pickups added to caves, along with some new body parts audio cave rock sound will now correctly play when walking in caves Added more stick, rock and cash pickups to caves You can now build structures inside caves although fires are most practical.

Audio — Improved cave ambient audio fade out zones Audio — Reverb added to cave sound effects Audio — Lowered chance to cave combat music playing Pale cave enemies faster, more health and increased hit damage. Improved ambient audio zones and fixed outside sounds continuing to play when inside a cave Improved cave audio ambience Improved transition from cannibal village hole to caves using new generic rock chunks Removed cave beach entrances -replaced with rope climb out areas in lower caves fixing issues with entering caves near ocean New art for some cave stalagmites and stalactites New creature added!

New art added for some of the cave entrances. New cave explorer model added crushed Removed deeper cave dead positions. Waking up in cave will now always be reasonably close to surface Less blue enemies in upper parts of caves Cave lakes, collision,lighting and layout improvements. Dead cave prop fixes, fixed some incorrect rock placements Better cave ground with flowing water and more detailed textures Fixed cave drips continuing to play even when not in cave. Hanging rope pick ups added to deep in caves New cave lighting prop: Laptop Single bat prefab added to parts of caves Cave audio pass, adding reverb and echo, better balancing.

Improved cave wall memory usage Improved terrain in some areas, reduced lumpiness in rocky area, fixed issues with caves poking through terrain Beach cave entrances made bigger and easier to enter fixed light leaking into parts of some caves Fixed bloody tables in cave not being cut out of nav mesh. Fixed trees vanishing when exiting caves Fixed bug where cave sounds could be heard above ground Improved collision in some cave areas.

Multiplayer Fixed exploded cave rock walls respawned after leaving and returning to caves for host. Multiplayer Now showing an icon next to other player name indicating they currently are inside a cave.

Multiplayer Fixed client getting rain while in caves Multiplayer Fixed rain stopping for clients when host enters caves. Multiplayer Fixed cave map positioning on remote players and removed the fully revealed map material. Aus The Forest Wiki. Dieser Artikel sollte umgeschrieben werden, um gewisse Wiki-Qualitätsstandards zu erfüllen. Oder wurde noch nicht übersetzt Verbessere diese Seite , wenn möglich.

Verry unique cave entrance with decorative skulls pile. Underwater Cave swimming entrance. Located in the largest clearing in The Forest. Navigationsmenü Namensräume Seite Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Seiten Wie kann ich helfen? Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Kann ich für den nächsten NY-Besuch nur empfehlen! Die Idee hinter dem Park war, die Highline vor dem Abriss zu bewahren.

Bekanntlich ist so ziemlich jede Metropole dieser Welt einem steten Wandel unterzogen, so auch New York. Hier, wo eine halbe Stunde Parken manchmal 20 Dollar und mehr kostet ist der Raum entsprechend knapp und begehrt.

Umso erfreulicher, dass ein paar Verrückte im positivsten Wortsinn sich für die Erhaltung der Trasse sowie die Umfunktionierung zum Park stark gemacht haben. Hier werden gleich zwei meiner Faibles bedient: Ein Park, der seinesgleichen suchen dürfte und der eben auch wieder mal zeigt: New York gibt den Takt vor. Die verschiedenen Kunstwerke entlang der Strecke die eigentlich selbst schon ein Kunstwerk ist sowie das Vorhandensein einer öffentlichen Toilette New York Erfahrene wissen, warum runden das Angebot ab.

Tag und Nacht, Sommer wie Winter: Schaut her, flaniert mal durch, lasst Euch Zeit und lasst den Park auf Euch wirken! Wunderschön gelegen im alten Schlachthofviertel an der Westseite von Manhattan ist die alte hochgelegene Bahntrasse einer neuen Nutzuing als Park zugeführt worden.

Es gibt immer wieder Aufgänge, so dass man nicht die desamte Länge von derzeit etwa einem Kilometer abgegangen werden muss. Gerade im Sommer ein schöner, innovativer grüner Fleck in der Stadt. Sind Sie der Inhaber oder Geschäftsführer dieses Unternehmens? Beanspruchen Sie Ihren Eintrag kostenlos, um z. Erfahren Sie mehr oder ändern Sie Ihre Einstellungen. Wenn Sie fortfahren, stimmen Sie der Verwendung unserer Cookies zu. Einloggen Beitreten Zuletzt angesehen Buchungen Posteingang. Bewertung zu High Line.

Rundgang durch den High Line und Chelsea. Details zur Sehenswürdigkeit Eintrittsgebühr: Hängende Gärten von Manhattan. Stellen Sie ded72 eine Frage zu High Line. Stellen Sie ulff eine Frage zu High Line. Ein Park auf Schienen.