iPhone: Who's the real manufacturer? (It isn't Apple)

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I have to help my parents now that they need it I am am looking to start a business and the let them take the packages to the post offie. Please help me because I do not want to loose my money and I have to help them. Feel free to contact me: Apple iPhone 4G 32GB: I am so glad I saw your information.

I am in contact with this woman as well. I did not send her money yet because I am a truck driver and every time I wanted to buy she was not there. Is this really a scam? What exactly happened to you? Are we talking about the same Person? She told me she is in Phoenix AZ.

I would be really greatful if you would answer, please use my email: Thanks you so much, Jennifer. Thanks for the info. I totally believed they scammed you or they would not have responded so defensely. There are allot of scams out there. I have not to find one supplier who claims to have the phones who do not accept creditcards. Think about sending wiretransfers is like sendin cash in the mail. Don't belive shit people from China is selling you or the people from Aficia sorry to say being a Africian American those people will rip the shit out of you.

I have read horrible ripoff reports from both Countries. Especialy watch out for the Chinese people, they will clone your ass if they thought they could profit from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are interesed in Iphones 3gs or other Hi-end mobile phones like nokia, sony ericsson and others Please feel free to contact me By email: MOQ for Iphones 3gs from 20 units.

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We are UK company looking to sell the Apple i phone3gs 32gb. We are looking for a supplier of this product. They must be brand new sealed, unlocked. Please can you advise a price for ten units including delivery, packaging, and method of payment. Made By Apple California. Has complete accessories with one year manufacturer warranty. We ship and deliver to you within 4 days of purchase through Fedex courier services. Payment can be made by paypal, Western Union money transfer and online bank transfer.

Hi i need 20 units black 32gb , can pay by paypal or bank transfer please let me know cost inc post and packaging. I Live in sweden and i'm intersted buying Iphones. Can you send me a pricelist to my email. Is it possible to send them to Sweden? Malaysian head office Floor ampang plaza jaya, kuala Lumpur, Malaysia www. We are a distributor in E. I would like you to send me a pricelist in Wholesale and your terms about how we could make a deal together.

Hi We are a refurbishing company from Los Angeles ca please contact me at atiyayuval gmail. We ship and deliver to you within days of purchase through Fedex courier services. Can you please email me with more details on the phones you have for sale including a wholesale price list for your Apple iPhones? Also, could you please send me your company info? I am extremely careful with my suppliers until after the first successful transaction and will not be scammed.

Thank you in advance for your time. Interested in buying iphone in bulks that is compatible with both the States and China. I saw your listing on www. Are you still selling Apple iphones? If yes, please provide the following info: It would also be very helpful if you could send me your contact details. You can contact me at jimboyers live. I can supply you with prices on iPhone 4g and ipads shipped to you door. Need best price and availability..

Can you give me your best delivered price for and 32gig 3gand 4g unbranded ,unlocked , Top quality authentic iphones both wifi and or tv. If you can satisfy these demands ,we will request samples. We are reviewing several manufactures and will accept your quote if we can receive this quote within 36 hours. We are serious competitive business people that operate Globally.

You can begin to qualfy to do business with us by responding promptly to our request. Thanking you in advance for your prompt and professional response. Hi I do supply Iphones I am from the philippines our iphone is Factory unlocked. I can assure you that it is authentic and not fake. And i can assure you as well that it is not scam. Shoot and edit a mini-masterpiece right on iPhone 3G S. Record high-quality video, trim it to the perfect length, and share it any way you want with 3G connection.

It is sealed in box and comes with 12months international warranty, its unlocked and will work with anynetwork of your choice. We are pleased to get to konw that you are presently on the market for iphone parts and as a specialized manufacturer and exporer for these products in China,we sincerely hope to establish business relations with your esteemed corporation.

Any information from you will be highly appreciated. I just read you email on the site and understand you can supply iphone parts. I am looking for a company to buy parts of directly. I am in Houston I would like to buy iphone. I hate be scammed so if we can meet in person to conduct purchase and sell transaction would be great. Conditions would be to make sure that the iphones are original and payment would be in cash.

If you are legit and wish to conduct business please email me or call me at The above pricing is for a single order of units to units. If you need more units, you get more discount. You inspect the phones and release the LoC. Once funds clear, you can pickup the iPhones. You or your representative can come and inspect all the units. Once inspection is done, pay us via bank wire and pickup the phones. We conduct 2 fly and buy every week. It may take upto 3 days for the credit card transfer to take place.

Once its done, items will be shipped within days via DHL Cargo. Once we have the funds, we can mail a check to the broker anywhere in the world. First buy at least units and show us that you can pay, after that we can discuss pricing. I want to get the iPhones within 48 hours from now. Do you actually have the stock? We do fly and buy twice a week so you can easily pickup iPhones in 48 hours or less.

Are these iPhones genuine and sim free versions? Pickup as soon as you submit PO. No need to wait. Moreover, nobody till now got any products from those Singapore or Thailand deal. How are we protected? We will NOT deal with any buyer directly until or unless he comes to us with some reference. I can not go to London to inspect phones.

What should I do? There are a lot of companies who can do inspection for you. For example, Hellmans, Pilot etc. Do you sell 16GB iPhones and Blackberrys? Yes, We do sell. We will be giving you the pricing on our next email to you. My shipping address is different than the one registered with my credit card. Can you ship at a different address?

We ship only to the address which is on the Credit Card. Same as Q 2. Nobody can guarantee pickup as quick as we do. So, tell them to inspect and pickup in 48 hours. We do not waste time with people like this. I need a sample of units first. We can give you sample but at retail rates. I want to buy original Apple iPhone 4G 16gb cell phones unlocked, no clones or imitations or fake.

I am planning to buy in unit at a wholesale price! I have a supplier where I get Iphone 3g in 8,16, an 32 gb memory. I also can get Iphone 4g in 16gb and 32gb. All are factory sealed and unlocked. I deal with a company out side in china. I do not deal with clones, because they are crappy. Please contact me at dreaminofphp hushmail. I was wondering if you are still able to sell large amounts of iPhones. I need 30, units. Please let me know M. Prices listed on your blog appears to be the same price phones can be purchased at the Apple store in the US.

Is your company in USA? Are the prices posted in USD? I am looking for Iphone 4G supplyers. I am from Lithuania. Can you write me a proforma invoice? Can you write me about you company. Do you have same webpage? How you can prove me that these phones are original? Can I order one unit like a sample for the first time? Thank you very much. Waiting for your response. Hello I am looking for part of iphone quick response thank you my mail solutiondestock gmail.

I got your email address off texyt. Just wondering if you ever found a legitamate iphone seller. I am looking for a genuine seller as there is so many scammers out there.

I am trying to find a good seller that has fair prices in the United States. I would appreciate all the detailed information on your product. This a good business for us if you have quality and speed.

Hi, i can supply for good rates all dual Sim phones if interested mail me.. The other was Tsell-buy I think, was the name - her name was Selina. All for Apple iphones 4 32GB. So I'm here to find an honest business person that works with Escrow - paypal to get a deal done. Tired of losing money. I need money, close to losing my home, so I thought IF I can find a legit business - that sells iphones - life would be good!

But so far - not going like planned! Any body having any good news about iphones? Thank you for your time and listening. I keep a small inventory of iphone 4's! All phones are brand and only been opened to be unlocked.

Shipping is Fedex Express and takes days depending on location. Please send me a pricelist and payment types that your company uses! Please email us at order starmobileshop. I am looking to buy good quality mobile phones will be looking at taking a 1 piece sample first of a 3gs apple iphone 16 are 32gb then after seeing that and quality and price being right i will be taking piece orders for the same week for the first month then orders will increase if u could let me kno your prices with shipping cost asap thanks luke.

Hey i seen that your looking for a supplier i can get around 20 a month but i only have 10 on me right now there firmware 3. Pse let me have your full contact details in the US.

We are looking for all brands of phones, but must be new, unlocked. We would purchase phones per week to start with on Apple alone, but if you have Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia etc. Therefore if you have a price list, pse email back to me urgently. We have numerous products but this is in regard to the phones. All phones are factory unlocked and sealed.

Prices are as follows: After we receive that order we also, need a proof of funds i. Send us the complete detailed information of who will be attending. Once we have that we will send you an invitation. Parties will meet and inspect the devices. After inspection, funds are to be released to us via bank wire. Once its complete, items will be shipped out in days via DHL Cargo. Once we have that we will give you the details needed to transfer the funds.

Once funds are in the bank we will ship out iphones in 3 days via DHL Cargo. Hey, I am very interested in buying 10 Apple Iphones unlocked What are your prices for 10? I would definitely like to try a sample first though.

And how can i be assured this will be a safe and reliable transaction, hopefully with many more to come if the price is right. I am looking to buy 2 phones black, 32GB, and I would pay through paypal, Please contact me if you are able to supply them,.

I am located in Indianapolis Indiana united states. Please advise what you need and how many. There will ne VAT tax phones will come from europe.

I am very intressted of buying phones from you. I need phones right away and i would also like to buy Monthly. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I want the 32gb.

Hello Christian, We have the iPhones for seller right now. You can contact us back to trade. If any seller is related to any of the following numbers it is most likely they are out to scam you. Be careful when you deal with the following phone numbers: These are nigerian scammers posing as legit businesses supplying iphones at chockingly low prices.

There are many more businesses that have the same numbers. Trust when I say this, be careful. Even though they offer you paypal which is a safe payment processor, do not fall for it. Hey, I just wanted to ask you if you know of any other scammers out there that I need to watch out for?

Also wanted to know if you know of anyone who is legit on selling original iPhone 3Gs? Please get back to me and let me know. Thanks for your time! Hello, I was reading your request on the forum and I saw that you said that you needed phones, I'm sure that by now, you must have gotten someone to help you with what you need but if not, please contact me because I can definetly help. Still new at this, but one thing I do know for sure There are no real iPhones out of China.

The photos are real but not the iPhones I believe they are Nigerian too. We need to warn people not to fall for any scam that has those numbers.

First of all, if any of these Scammers don't have a legit web-site, accept pay pal, contact information,and a number to contact them, do not fall for the scam. If you can't call the phone number to verify who these scammers are, don't send them any money. There are a lot of scammers out there. Please be careful and do a lot of research before you send them money.

We supply more than that monthly, comtact me globalelectronics yahoo. Briefly, these come with Apple Warranty. Our Apple product is NOT a china version.

You have nothing to worry about. Our purpose is just to create the long term business relationship with serious customers. We understand that security is the most concern. If you are interested to make a long term deal with reliable supplier, we are happy to answer all the inquiries you may have.

We will be in touch with you as soon as we can. I am interested in buying up to 50 units monthly. Hello, We are a company from Oman in Gulf;owned by U. We are regular buyers from U. S based wholesalers and B2B companies. We are vey interested in the whole range of Apple iPhones and iPods. Please do let us know if you have any client references or bankers refeences. This is just an introductory mail and would, most certainly, deal with you; should we get a positive response from you, The trial orders would not be more than 1 piece to verify the authenticity of the set sent and we hope you do appreciate taht.

I know that this not a nice post is from you. I have been doing as a legit broker and a buyer in the same time and never afraid of saying that. Needless to say, only people who have connection with me know how honest I am. The post was on March 8, The incident was finished on March 5, Plus, I have zero business enemy. I forgave him from what he had done to me already. However, this post is not true and intend to destroy me with no prove.

If you have prove, please share on this board and show people who you are, not anonymous name. So, here I am , telling you all about this guy, his lie and his scam tricks. Please read it through. It would be your benefit. The website claimed that he has branches in chicago and england. I firstly tried to call him by the number in chicago but that number was not working.

So, I called him in england. I knew for the fact by his accent that he is not english but I could not figured it out what that was because english is not my mother tongue. He told me that he is peruvian who relocated in england. And that was fine to me. Bury presented himself to me on the phone and in the emails that his name is Bury Phil. However, I asked my partner to call him and see that if he said the same thing to different customers.

My partner could tell that Mr. Bury has nigerian accent. Also, in the email between Mr. Anyway, some of the information and info that he provided were pretty convincing. Like , tracking number from previous order. However, something smelled fishy such as the weight of shipping, day and location that shipped out from. It was not making much sense. Eventhough, I have a few legit suppliers in my hands.

But as a business person, I keep seeking for more suppliers who can offer the better price. And his offer was good enough for me to take risk by ordering 10 sampler iphones. He said he would send me invoice thru paypal. And he did sent it. The paypal invoice that sent me was from " MelisaGreen". At that point, I felt a lot more secure and relieved.

Because, at least paypal can protect me at some certain point and plus I would pay by credit card also. Suddenly, when I was about to send him money.

Then he cancelled the invoice and turned around asked me to send him the money instead without him resend me new invoice. I felt something went a little sour there. So, I told them that I was not much familiar with paypal. Please send me the new invoice. Instead of sending it, he tried to convince me that it is easy to do, just go to send option. But I still insisted that I don't know how.

This had been back and forth for a couple of time by email. Finally, I told him that I gave up if he could not resend it.

He suddenly emailed me right away and come up with the very good make up reasons. By the way, before that he mentioned that he has no one in USA and he was looking for the agent what about the branch in chicago!?

That was my wake up call. Everybody knows that what is gonna happened when you sent your money thru western union. You kiss your money goodbye. I was lucky enough not become one of his victims. So, I called paypal and sent them all the corespondent emails. Paypal agent even told me that this trick has been using by a lot of scammers all the time.

After investigation, paypal had blocked their account. And there is no surprise that So called legit bury phone shop was very mad at me and bothered me by nasty emails for a couple of days. I just did the right thing to protect other legit buyers from them as well. You can see that he has a lot of posted here in the different times by named buryphone. Don't have to believe what I said but see for yourself here http: I am finished what I have been through with him. And I do not have time to response, neither interested in following what he would try to excuse next.

I am just writing this to warn you all and tell what he is capable of. One thing, Before you make any purchase with anyone. Do not hurry and fall into scammers tricks.

Good luck to you all. This guy is a complete fraud. Whatch out for this guy, everything points to the fact that he is nigerian, his accent, the phone number which is a widely used forwarded number by these scam artists.

I have been through hell with this guy, dont even bother dealing with him. He will find excuses after the next. You have been warned stay away from him and his network. I can offer you Apple iPhones right now. We carry the Euro and U. Our minimum order is 20 pieces. We are in the United States, and sell a lot of phones every month. We can supply you with up to 2, per month, or whatever amount under that which fits your needs.

We do not send sample phones, nor can we provide samples even if you want to buy one. My distributor's minimum order is 20 pieces, as is mine. Shipping is business days, and is free.

We accept credit cards only for U. There are too many scams out there, most of them coming from Nigeria. Please let me know if we can help you somehow with your iPhone needs. Please feel free to check out our website as well at www. Thanks for the information.

I have been in contact with Frank smith mobilestoreelectronicsltd live. I'm sick and tired of scams and I want to find a reliable supplier for phones. The cost of travel is a bit expensive and time consuming and I want to find a reliable source for phones and electronics so i could get it delivered. Dear Ann, Thanks for the comments you made. I was scammed before and now am leary about purchasing.

Since you know a legitimate supplier can you provide me with some information. I am an entrepreneur in the philippines, my iphone supplier was good at first 2 deliveries after that, he ran out with my money. Sorry I did not know you were a supplier. Can you please send me your company details and registration. I'm a Sri lankan businessman mainly in hardware materials but I would like to supply phones and electronics to the market.

I'm looking for a very reliable supplier. So therefore please send me complete details about your company including registration, location and contact numbers. I am looking for an iphone supplier. The phones must be original. Please send details along with your company details and prices Regards Tony. I read your comments and am in exactly the same position as you. However i have found alot of crooks on the internet. Can you recommend any one reliable?

Please mail me your supply rates. They are scammers and out for your money. If you want someone who can actually sell you and has the supply to provide you and your clients with legitimate iPhone's then get at me. I also can supply the ipod, ipod touch and game systems. Turn around time is approximately 7 days. I am in Houston and often visit Dallas. I can pay cash and pick them up from your office. As you there are many scams going on in the market and I will feel safe if we can meet and do business in person for the first time and than no problem by working with you via phone.

I saw the post from Jonathan Tekle and then you question, and i was going to see if you had any luck on buying phones? I would like to enquire about your ditribution service could you please email me a price list. We are after iphone 4g 32gb and 3gs 32gb.

Do you or can you supply Australian stock unolocked. We would be requireing approx 50 units per month. I would like to purchase the Iphones, so i would request you to please send me the detials about your company if you have or the website. Also send me the required documents that could prove your authenticity. I am interested in purchases of very large quantities, but before that would take few samples from your side. Please give me a detailed price list of the cost, in case of bulk purchases.

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