The best note-taking app for iPhone and iPad

Indexing Makes Records Searchable Online. When you index you help connect families by typing up historical documents so they can be published online.

Repeat the previous steps for any additional Quick Notes you want to create. As long as we think the price is fair, we are more than happy to download and support iOS developers. The reading and writing environment needs to be simple yet functional, and navigation around the app should feel natural. You can do this in two ways.


Indexing Makes Records Searchable Online. When you index you help connect families by typing up historical documents so they can be published online.

You can keep Quick Notes filed in the Quick Notes section, or you can move selected notes to other parts of your notebooks. To move a page, right-click the page tab, choose Move or Copy , and follow the prompts. You can format the text by selecting it and then using the commands on the mini toolbar that appears. Repeat the previous steps for any additional Quick Notes you want to create.

Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? For this review, we used Bear on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac to test out the syncing capabilities. We were happy to find no issues while using Bear in normal use and were impressed by how fast sync works. Even when intentionally trying to edit a note on two devices at the same time, Bear handled potential conflicts really well by preserving edits on both devices and adding conflicted copies to the notes list.

Bear syncs your notes every chance it gets. If you want to make sure a sync is happening, there is a sync status section in the settings area that shows when the last sync occurred. From here, you can import notes from other apps and services on your device like Dropbox and Google Drive, and you can customize how Bear handles titles for imported notes.

The export section exports your entire notes library 1 with customization for including tags and attachments and an option to merge all notes into one file. In addition to the seven file types offered when exporting a single note, bulk export options include Task Paper, Bear Note, and Text Bundle formats.

You can activate it inside any app supporting the iOS share sheet, and it can start a new note, append a note, or prepend a note based on what you have selected. Bear can add the raw link or title the link when adding it to your note. Taking the extension further, Bear can download the content of a web page to a note.

Think of it like Instapaper for Bear. This works very well for written content. As a fun bonus, if you are a sticker user in iMessage, Bear includes over ten stickers of a bear doing different things like laughing, drinking coffee, and sleeping. Agenda debuted a new take on how a notes app should work back in the late Agenda first debuted on the Mac and combines your notes list with your calendar, allowing you to organize your notes by applying them to a specific event or to a specific timeframe of the day.

For many users, this paradigm is picture perfect: Agenda allows for multiple methods of organizing your notes, but the major form of organization is handled through projects. Each project is part of a category. If you have a meeting next week, you can assign your note to that date and time slot. The major advantage to assigning dates or events to a note is how it allows you to search for your notes based on date. You can jump through your calendar to look at the notes you took at that respective time.

Again, for many users, this paradigm is likely to be powerful. The app has a simple, elegant design that fits within the latest iOS aesthetics. Like Bear, Agenda relies on heavy use of Avenir Next. Agenda for iOS is free to download and you can unlock its premium features with an in-app purchase. That in-app purchase unlocks all current features across all your devices you can purchase either the iOS-only option or the cross-platform option and unlocks all features released in the following 12 months after your purchase.

In much the same way physical agendas in the past provided areas for you to take and keep notes for a specific date or event, Agenda for iOS brings that old fashioned power to your iPhone or iPad. With such an abundance of notes apps to test, the following runners-up deserve honorable mentions. The market of apps seems to grow each day, and finding the right balance of features, design, ease of use, and price is a monumental task.

We think Bear exceeds those requirements and hope this helps you find the tool that works best for you. For single note export, use the information panel within the note. Criteria No matter how simple or robust you want your notes app to be, we looked for a specific set of qualities when testing each candidate: And yes, ofc, obviously you need the Molsekine pen, without the app makes no sense! Wie die app ist kann ich nicht sagen, da mein stift bereits auf dem Surface regestriert ist, kann ich ihn nicht wieder in diesem Programm regestrieren total blöd… hatte mich sehr interessiert diese app.

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