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Because there are so many great nonprofit organizations to choose from, this year we are going to do a giveaway for first, second, and third place! Wise Tech Ltd is an integral part of a group of companies that include:

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Tungsten Creative Group Advertising Agency. Foht Investments Mobile Home Dealer. Define Wireless Mobile Phone Shop. Most High Ministries Organization. Al's Awning Shop Inc. Donna Oberlander Government Official. Pages Liked by This Page. Finders Keepers of Erie. United Way of Erie County. Out Of The Grey Coffeehousecafe. Erie, PA Current Events. I had recently purchased my first new car and needed insurance as quick as possible.

Doug and Eric f Doug and the rest of the crew were amazing. So helpful and friendly. They worked with me and got me Even provided me with extra quotes for down the road if i want to change my coverages.

I was Ok with this agent until I lost my motorcycle coverage because of bad information that I was g I was late with my insurance payment which was my fault. I was told it had to be paid by the last day of the month and I did. Then it was canceled because it actually had to be paid the day before. The only way I could get reinsured was to get a new policy which was alot higher in cost. I really regret using this agent. Lafaro Insurance Agency January 9 at You can then go to the links for these potential entries, bookmark the pages or save them as pdfs, and keep them for ultimately determining which ones make your log.

Note that not all information on an event necessarily comes out with the first news release. Imagine that there is a volcanic eruption that begins somewhere on July Three days later it erupts again. The tally of lives lost and property damages might not be known until a few days or even weeks later. Even more complex could be a big flood, which can last for weeks.

Each day the news media reports new events, such as number of new homes flooded, number of lives lost, loss estimates in various towns, etc.

For any event that begins during the semester, but is not completely finished by the end of the semester, you should report as much information as is available up to the deadline to turn in the summary.

You should try to keep track of all of this information for your summary. What you will turn in at the end of the course in your log is a summary of the entire event, rather than the notes you keep to compile this summary. Date be specific; if there is a start and end date, list both; if there is a time, mention it. Location be specific; countries like ours are big, so a country name may not be a sufficient location.

Why was it reported in the news? Entries in the log should be in chronological order and part of the grade will be based on its organisation. Make the instructor's life easy While teamwork is encouraged, the log must be yours , written in your own words.

Logs that are exact copies will not be marked. Cutting and pasting information straight from the Web is not acceptable!!! In order to grade the logs, I will go through each log and identify all entries.

Every entry will count if there was enough information for me to reasonably assume that the entry is valid, or if you provided a source that I can go to verify the information. Students are expected to attend every class and to have read the assigned readings before class. Occasionally I will take attendance in lecture to check.

Absences due to athletic obligations are not automatically considered excused absences, and you need to contact me about schedule conflicts as early in the semester as possible. If you are ill and unable to attend class, notify me by phone or e-mail before class. There will be no makeup exams unless evidence of illness, disability, or domestic affliction is presented. Academic misconduct including cheating and plagiarism is forbidden.

It will result in disciplinary action. For information on academic dishonesty and codes of conduct, visit here and here especially policies ST2, ST7, and HR Medical documentation must be submitted on letterhead from your doctor with signature and date and addressed to the instructor.

Students requiring accommodations as a result of a disability are requested to contact Services for Students with Disabilities AND notify the instructor within the first 2 weeks of classes.

All discussions will remain confidential. There is a mandatory, full-day fieldtrip on Saturday, November We will leave at 10am and head to Point Grey and the shoreline around UBC to talk about coastal processes, hazards, etc.