Yarnell Hill Fire Investigation Ignored Major Mistakes by the State


Identify when the portal goes to. And for it to show up on the morning the SAIR was released is beyond odd — do not know what that means either.

Had a program, but was it enough?

Last night unusual. Spent time with two great couples. One I had met last year. The other, new. I was at Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. Crowded. I was sitting alone at a small table.

Impossible to get in. The place is jam packed early. The party overflows into the street. Just a little room to move about. Negotiations were on going. The men want the ladies to bare their breasts for a peek.

Also their privates and butts. The women set the price. Two for a breast peek, more for privates and so on. Once the price has been determined, a quick flash! Such negotiations were ongoing all over the place all night An adult party! All in good fun! One of the big events today is the Masquerade Parade. It starts at 5 pm. Everyone dresses in costume. The parade starts from the cemetary entrance. Stops at guest houses along the way for refreshment.

Parties in private homes along the way. The duet spent an initial seven weeks at the top, was replaced for a week, and then returned for a final week at number one.

The song's first spell at number one tied for the longest unbroken run at the top with " Have You Forgotten? Charles Catton — was an English painter of coaches, landscapes, animals and figures. Born in Norwich as one of possibly 35 children of his twice-married father, Catton studied drawing at the St.

He became a member of the Society of Artists , and exhibited various pictures in its galleries in — He exhibited at the Academy from its foundation until the year of his death.

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Welcome to Wikipedia ,. Archive By email More featured articles. Archive Start a new article Nominate an article. United States federal government shutdown. January 11 French troops in the Ruhr. January 10 January 11 January Archive By email List of historical anniversaries. From today's featured list Alan Jackson. Archive More featured lists. Today's featured picture Charles Catton — was an English painter of coaches, landscapes, animals and figures. This picture is a self-portrait of Catton, dating from It's so very unlikely you got anything, and if any bacteria did enter your blood, it would be so minute your own immune system would take care of it.

Infection via blood only can be transmuted through plasma WBC Unless the pt himself has sepsis. I know it's hard and I would be worried as well, but try to relax! Most hospitals have their own protocol which usually involves seeing an epidemiologist and starting on prophylactic drugs, but in the case of MRSA it's very unlikely. And prophylaxis on vancomyacins risks out weigh its benefits, so I can see what prophylactic procedures were not initiated.

I'm sure you'll be fine! Dec 30, '10 Joined: Im a new nurse in LTC. Was giving insulin with flexpen when I pricked my finger after injecting insulin. Took of my glove and milked my finger with blood coming out.

Washed my hands and filled out an incident report. My facility did not have a policy on needlesticks so I continued on with my work. Two days later my boss read my indident report and after I begged her she had him tested. But she told me I was being ridiculous that these old folks dont have anything unless it states on their chart.

I came to work and asked my boss to see his results, she said "dont worry about it. My boss left the results on her desk and I went through them and even spoke to the lab director about them who explained that the western blot was inconclusive.

My boss refuses to test the patient again. She says Im crazy and Im fired. She also told me that I waited an entire week to get my blood tested and thats against protocol. They didn't have a protocol for needlesticks until a week later they put one in!! She said she wants no part of it and Im on my own with payment.

I had my blood tested now that my facility put in a protocol. But I have no insurance and my boss isn't paying for it because she said I waited too late to get tested. She also is mad at me for talking to the pharmacy because of violation of hippa. THere was no protocol when this happened and I feel I did my best at the time.