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And so, you fell captive to a lie. Prev Pause slideshow Next. I still believe this. Thanks to you, I have gained yet another experience that demonstrates what happens when the scales of justice balancing impartiality, independence, conscience and logic break down. The responsibility to find who are swimming in those waters falls on the journalists.

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The results of a simple internet search of our informant also gives us an idea about the address of the person who gave the order for the Cumhuriyet operation. The reason for this is not just the likes on Facebook. However, we have something to say about how seriously he must be taken as an informant. Number of the AKP votes was Even, he summarizes what they should do during the elections in the East and South East as follows: An open vote system must be provided.

We can get a good idea of his mindset of this person who is taken seriously by the prescutors as an informant, in this email where he lists many reasons. I need to give my piece of mind to these shameless and degenerate people. They get the best service, but during the elections the opposition party gets the most of the votes. From this point of view, let us also ask: This complaint, made by an informant whose identity is unknown, is about a video news broadcast on the Cumhuriyet internet newspaper.

This is the case! We do not know if any inquiries have been made about these warriors who have weapons and who have no authority to do this. But on January 13th , this complaint was sent to the prosecutor for review and added to the main file. Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide Adnan Yilmaz, one of the members of the Seferihisar judicial office, made a formal accusation application on the day after this publication on 21 December This news was an excerpt from the interview with Murat Karayilan who is one of the leaders of the PKK, and it was published in some media outlets as well, besides Cumhuriyet, but we do not know if there is any investigation about them.

Just like the others, this became evidence in the main file of the Cumhuriyet investigation. Due to the same posts, I was also accused in the investigation and was arrested by prosecutor Fahrettin Kemal Yerli, for making propaganda of a terrorist organization.

The prosecution merged the two cases when they were notified that there could not be a second investigation for the same crime. It is as if someone hit a button and all of these unfortunate and bad events came in succession.

Should we call these all the evils that we had in succession like someone has hit the button just a coincidence or meaningful? In order to show consistency of the charges to be directed, the internet archive was searched at this stage. There were searched conducted to match articles to the accusations in the indictment. There was no need to struggle too much. Archives were also scanned for news published in Cumhuriyet or on its website.

This method was also applied on the Cumhuriyet website. No matter who the accusation is directed against or what he accusation is, specific names or words are searched to help find articles which could be used as evidence of guilt.

The twitter tweets made by each of us were reviewed. Without even being sorted, without understanding of what we tried to explain, criminal evidence was created,. In the next step, the people employed in the ruling media from the hitman group, were put into action. They were ordered to write commentaries and articles which overlapped with causes of guilt which could be placed in the indictment and also published stories on on TV.

This so-called expert named Unal Aldemir, who was employed by the prosecutor to violate the law, has received training in informatics. In journalistic trial, he performed news text analysis. If we state this in a more clear way, the lies which were ordered was signed by a so-called expert. The so-called report, like the indictment, narrowed the journalism borders and set them back again, starting with a journalistic recipe in line with the spirit of the time.

It ordered that many fundamental principles, such as the fact that the matter to be discussed had a bearing on the news, the public benefit, the duty of the press to conduct an audit on behalf of the public, were to be ignored.

Did you make any news which revealed the truth? According to the prosecutor, who led accusations from the report of the so called expert, this was not journalism, it was manipulation.

We do not know whether this report belongs to a counselor, a government commissioner, or a pro-government mediator. It may be one of the troll account owners who show up in the virtual world. The posts on Twitter accounts strengthens this ambiguity. Your prosecutors, who chose a person who has an informatics background for the media report containing the news analysis, this time preferred a person, who claimed to be a transportation and logistics specialist, for the digital inspection report.

The name behind this strangeness is Fahrettin Kemal Yerli. Three months after my arrest, the prosecutor Yerli indicted the decision to confiscate my mobile phone, and he commissioned Bulent Tosun to make a digital review. He works as an English and German interpreter. He explained that he creates solutions for all kinds of transportation and logistics issues via air, land, sea, railway, and storage.

I will not read the long text and take your time here to tell you how your prosecutors have placed baseless accusations of liar witnesses in the indictment. I will also give you a copy of this text that I have shown here as a slide.

Your prosecutors either believe in lies or trust their false witnesses too much. Most likely, your false witnesses are told to testify according to a foretold scenario. We have no doubt that this is the case. First proof that there is a predetermined scenario and the witnesses testify according to that scenario, is the correspondence related with Yavuz Yakiskan in the file.

This correspondence, dated March 13, , bears the signature of the chief prosecutor Irfan Fidan, the deputy chief prosecutor back then. However, prosecutor Irfan Fidan must be sure that he is somehow linked with Cumhuriyet staff as he is proceeding with the investigation like that. Yavuz Yakiskan is one of our co-workers who has been working as a courier for many years. And, these phone calls are made with a Mustafa Yildiz, who only coincidentally has the same name with the aforementioned alleged FETO Imam.

One more person testified after Latif Erdogan December 7, and Huseyin Gulerce December 20, claimed that the Sect might have sent money with a courier.

And, Cumhuriyet staff Aykut Kucukkaya testified as a witness on January 4, He also requests investigation of any potential links with terrorist organizations, as well as usage of applications such as Bylock, Kakao, Eagle. Here is that part from his statement: Of course, they found nothing. If the trurth was not revealed, Yavuz would have been arrested based on this lie.

However, the truth eventually reveals one way or the other, and this disrupted the scenario. However, Yavuz is still referred to as a suspect. There were no obstacles to stage the plot targeting Cumhuriyet and us. The order to start the process was given on October 31, Including the prosecution stage, every stage of the operation against Cumhuriyet was performed at the media courts.

I will explain those when it is time, but first let me go back to October 31, It was as if the users of this account acted on behalf of the expertise or the prosecutors.

Confidentiality order that limits the right of defence for the accused and their attorneys was not available by the users of this social media account and the government-backed media.

An email Suheyb Ogut sent to Berat Albayrak on September 6, , includes the draft bylaw, foundation document and recommendations for the board of directors for this organization founded to direct troll accounts to spread disinformation. Government-backed media spreads the lies that were initially published by the Twitter trolls who are again financed by the government-backed media.

Justice is allowing the articles they pre-ordered or leaking the information and documents in the files. Afterwards, they are using these news articles as evidence. Just like a boomerang. In fact, the prosecutor in charge of my case, Fahrettin Kemal Yerli, even asked questions based on the leaked documents which appeared as a news story.

Do not get upset that I am blaming your prosecutors for leaking documents. I wil give you another example. This news story, which was deemed confidential to the suspects and their lawyers yet open to the pro-governmental, on this document, could be found on the Aksam newspaper on November 19, In the so-called confidential investigation, the information was published every day in various media outlets, the conversations with persons desired to be witnesses in the case also took place in the pro-governmental media.

In fact, sentences which never took place in the conversation were included in the news. Another person whose opinion was sought was Ceyhan Mumcu, known for his hatred of the editorial and administrative management of Cumhuriyet.

Mumcu was made a witness shortly after the publication of the interview because certain parts of his words. The 9th question is on the loads of money brought to Cumhuriyet, as I mentioned before.

In other words, Ceyhan Mumcu stated he did not use the expression which led him to be a witness in the case and that journalist Tatlican lied. Your prosecutors, who include the refuted interview in the files, used our news articles that were not disputed nor prosecuted to accuse us.

I will leave it up to you to decide waht to say about this pitiful situation. There is a simple truth that comes out from these hearings. This case is a trial against those who are trying to reveal the criminal records of the ruling government. But according to your claim, journalism is not on court.

However I tried to explain how a conspiracy is being staged and is the proof that we are here because of our journalism activities. This operation is a conspiracy conducted by members of the judicial system that are controlled by a gang who has taken over the government and their accomplices in the media to cover up the truth.

It is a crime committed against the truth, the freedom of thought and freedom of expression, destroying the freedom of the press. It is also reveals the fact that journalism is being politically limited and used for the benefits of a political gang.

They are trying to make examples out of us to make the public hostage to fear and this totally lacks dignity and is unjust. They are trying to capture and make submissives of those that expose their crimes and those who are not of them.

Their main aim is to eliminate democracy, basic rights and freedoms to continue their criminal regime. If the conspirators have confidence in these deep memory holes, they are mistaken. Because everyone who took place in this operation, will be judged in front of the law, I am sure. And some of their crimes do not have statute of limitation. The conspirators committed crimes against humanity and the truth.

My only wish is that they are not tried in the courts similar to that of we have now. I hope they will find themselves in front of a truly just and impartial and independent court where the law is above all else.

No one should doubt that we will do our best to make sure that these conspirators are tried justly. Because, as contrary to those who believe in the law of revenge, we would like to have fair and impartial justice even for our enemies. Now lets talk about the facts why you put me in the target, arrested and why you are still keeping me in the prison. I have said this many times before; I knew I was going to be arrested in , I got the news before and I was threatened. You do not have to be a genius to guess this.

Because I was continuing to do what I know best, which is my profession. Practicing journalism focused on human rights has always been a core principle in Turkey, where there has never had a strong connection to democracy, and instead a long list of offenses against basic rights and freedoms. I personally penned many articles during times when the state turned into a criminal organization, during times of torture, disappearances, executions, and the evacuations and burnings of villages.

I did this because I believed it was the duty and responsibility of journalists to uncover the truths covered by the powerful ruling elites. I still believe this. This is why I have always been one of those journalists who were threatened and targeted.

I have been on trials many times just like I am now. My accusers have always been state institutions and powers. I have never been convicted because I have always been a journalist who rely on the truth, and the motives of my accusers have always been revealed. What the many painful stories I have witnessed and reported, have taught me is never to believe what the state or the powerful say on the subject of basic rights and freedoms or their infringement.

In an undemocratic country without an impartial and independent judiciary like Turkey, it is my duty and responsibility to speak out when the powerful governments are trying to present their lies as reality. On the other hand, I have never been a person who takes his mind and belief in justice, hostage to revenge, unlike you. Like the people who submitted to one of the sides during the war for power between the two gangs, I have not chosen to take sides.

I continued to stress that AKP and the Gulen Sect should be tried together for the crimes they committed together. Therefore, I have not been one of the hatchet men who is regarded as a journalist only in the eyes of the government. And, I shall never be.

So, it is not surprising that I am standing here before you. In anti democratic countries, what scares the ruling elite most is the truth coming to light, resulting in equalizing the playing field.

Therefore, they do not want the truth to be mentioned and be heard. They maintain the secrecy of their shady activities under the cover of governmental secrets. In other words, what is called governmental secrets are the polluted waters under the cover of law.

The responsibility to find who are swimming in those waters falls on the journalists. In addition to pillage and corruption, the period during which AKP polluted the waters most during its governance, was the activities that they performed according to the role given to them by imperialism during the civil war in Syria.

The reason why I was threatened by death or by imprisonment was some news pieces I wrote on this subject in the newspaper Cumhuriyet. During this phone call that happened in February of , he also mentioned that I would be imprisoned and be punished for these crimes.

I just laughed at such outrageous accusations. But it will be beneficial to recall the dialogue which is important to show how deep the government is in trouble and the type of people it is cooperating with:. I said to the MIT employee on the phone: The smartasses you were dealing with are selling the arms and ammunition you sent them to other jihadist groups.

We determined who they are. We ended the cooperation. After this phone call, threats started through the social media. It is required at this point to elaborate somewhat more on this newspaper which undertook the role of being the hitmen man of MIT.

It seemed that the publisher of Vahdet was Yener Donmez, who was the representative of the newspaper Akit in Ankara. The questions from where he found the funding to publish a newspaper, how he afforded the daily operating costs have no answers. Let me also add that Yener Donmez, who pointed me as a target, was later arrested for being a member of the FETO Sect, was using Bylock, and participated in some conspiracies.

The threats, which were apparently led and administered from the same headquarters, started coming after Donmez pointed me as a target. While the threats were continuing to come in, a policeman, who said he was from Public Security Branch Office, called me to say that he is going to deliver a notification. He told us that Police Intelligence Bureau has received intelligence that I will be assassinated and therefore, they will provide security detail for me.

I did not accept the offer for a guard. Previously, I had talked to Mihrac Ural on the phone concerning some news. I called him and told him that the police told me that he would assassinate me and conveyed him the conversation I had had with that policeman. Naturally, his response was a chuckle. I wrote an article about this conversation and the other details on the subject and posted it on Twitter. Here, I have to remind you of the publication of a false news piece that appeared on the front page of the newspaper Yeni Safak just before this trial started, stating that I wrote an article on the orders of Mihrac Ural who was planning to have me murdered.

These were not the only crimes I was accused of. I was also asking questions about certain aspects of the coup attempt on July 15th, that were tried to be kept in the dark, and struggling to get answers to my questions. If we are to sum up: As you may very well know, the fact that we are being held hostage has nothing to do with what is stated in the indictment in front of you. This indictment is full of lies by people who know that they will not be able to hide the truth forever.

The crimes of those very people who are currently directing the accusations towards us are in the indictment itself. The reason why the notion of justice has been trampled upon by the members of the judiciary under the orders of the government in the last 14 months is clear; it is because they are trying to patch over and close up every opening through which the light of truth may seep in.

Unfortunately, this operation to slaughter journalism has been undertaken by the media itself. This operation, backed by political powers, has been conducted by members of the judiciary who follow orders rather than the rule of the law, and by the media who obeys a political gang. The charges, which morphed into official lies, were popularized on the social media first, and then on the internet sites of the mafia media, their newspapers and television stations.

When the trials commenced, we saw that not only the conjuring of consent, but the adjudication of this conspiracy itself was to be done upon media platforms acting as pseudo courts. In the trials that started in July, prior to and during each hearing a gang composed of people masquerading as judges and prosecutors leaked the documents and information, spun out of lies, to the media acting as their hitmen.

Even the indictment itself was handed over to these hitmen before it was presented to you. On July 19th, a few days before the trial started on July 24th, the Yeni Safak newspaper was the source of fabrication.

The records of my phone calls, which are not even in the investigation files, were on newspaper headlines with a lie to accompany. I was being accused of taking orders from a person whom the police department had previously warned me would assassinate me, even offering me protection. In the same manner, we heard the decision you were to give on September 25th from the internet site of the Star newspaper while the hearing was still going on.

What these examples, which may also be interpreted as something of a synchronization problem, signified was quite explicit: During the hearing on October 31st, the personal correspondence belonging to Osman Kavala, taken from his phone records, appeared in your court even before his interrogation; Mr.

Kavala also found himself in jail by a similar conspiracy. But this information had previously appeared on the internet site of the Sabah newspaper yet again. You have been telling us continuously since the beginning, that you are not putting journalism on trial. We try to force ourselves to believe you for once.

But then we remember the questions you are directing at us. You, who are trying to prove the existence of an illegal organization based on what we put on social media, on our news reports and photographs, on our articles, on the headings, and even the page layout of the newspaper, closed your ears to our requests for you to investigate the illegal organization within the very courthouse you are serving in.

You already know who is leaking the information, who is dictating the false news to you as a directive, as much as we do. Actually, this is exactly why you ignored our requests; namely, because you cannot investigate this gang composed of your colleagues, some of whom occupy higher ranks and posts. However, you know better than I do that law exists to prevent the abuse of power. That is why law is more powerful than politics and government. This is what should be the case. Under normal circumstances, stabilized networks could be a logical conclusion.

On the other hand, if this theory is correct, then they will actually destabilize the Bitcoin market, as well as all crypto-trading that is impacted by large movements in the price of Bitcoin. There has been wild speculation regarding price fluctuations. Some of it seems perfectly viable, while some borders on conspiracy theory. Market manipulation is a serious offense, and some people might push for more of a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency trading as a logical response.

However, people who have ill intent will find ways around any sort of government controls, while innocent people suffer amidst overbearing laws.

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