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Highly recommended for trouble-free experiance. GST tariff reviews were carried out in the course of by the Indian authorities after the criticism that this stifled the local economy. As the economy adjusted to the impact of the GST and the cash ban, the short term squeeze seemed to have been moderated over the course of The Indian economy took on the boost of the fiscal reforms, which impacted the SME sector negatively.

On the flip side, the major players continued to churn out goods and services for overseas markets with a remarkable aplomb. This however considerably pared to Here are the factors to consider:. The Indian economy was projected by IMF to hit a 7.

Will the overall outlook for the INR be any better in than it was in ? Not so clear-cut, I will say. PM Modi is also facing an election year in , and a buildup towards that is not expected to be anything near radical. All national economies will be affected by a global crisis or the uncertainties in the Middle East and Korean Peninsula. So, if I am placing a bet, I will go with a stable outlook and a 1 to 5 percent wager room at the height of market volatility.

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