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When the new administration came in, his family moved to Newport, R. Southerners settled along the southern part of the territory, arriving by travel along the Ohio River from the Upper South. Brunt in early to his son, William S. General Jackson, whatever may be said to the contrary, though firm and determined, was pleasant, affable, and easily approached, and always set equal estimate upon the manhood of a colored man; believing every thing of him, that he expressed in his proclamation to the colored freemen of Louisiana. Watts Sherman "was a member of a Sherman family which moved from Germany to England and established itself in the vicinity of London.

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The river then follows a roughly southwest and then west-northwest course until Cincinnati, before bending to a west-southwest course for most of its length.

The course forms the northern borders of West Virginia and Kentucky ; and the southern borders of Ohio , Indiana and Illinois , until it joins the Mississippi River at the city of Cairo, Illinois.

At the confluence , the Ohio is considerably bigger than the Mississippi. Measured by long-term mean discharge in cubic feet per second and cubic meters per second, the Ohio River at Cairo: In both measures, the Ohio River water flow is higher than that of the Mississippi River.

From a hydrographic perspective, the Ohio River is the main stream of the whole river system. The Ohio drains parts of 15 states in four regions. The Ohio River is a climatic transition area, as its water runs along the periphery of the humid continental and humid subtropical climate areas.

At Paducah, Kentucky , in the south, at the Ohio's confluence with the Tennessee River, it is ice-free year-round. In the 21st century, with the update of climate zones, [22] the humid subtropical zone has stretched across the river, into the southern portions of Ohio , Indiana and Illinois.

From a geological standpoint, the Ohio River is young. The river formed on a piecemeal basis beginning between 2. The earliest ice ages occurred at this time and dammed portions of north-flowing rivers.

The Teays River was the largest of these rivers. The modern Ohio River flows within segments of the ancient Teays. The ancient rivers were rearranged or consumed. The upper Ohio River formed when one of the glacial lakes overflowed into a south-flowing tributary of the Teays River. The south-flowing Marietta River no longer in existence ended between the present-day cities. The overflowing lake carved through the separating hill and connected the rivers.

The floodwaters enlarged the small Marietta valley to a size more typical of a large river. The new large river subsequently drained glacial lakes and melting glaciers at the end of the Ice Age. The valley grew during and following the ice age. Many small rivers were altered or abandoned after the upper Ohio River formed. Valleys of some abandoned rivers can still be seen on satellite and aerial images of the hills of Ohio and West Virginia between Marietta, Ohio , and Huntington, West Virginia.

As testimony to the major changes that occurred, such valleys are found on hilltops. The middle Ohio River formed in a manner similar to formation of the upper Ohio River. A north-flowing river was temporarily dammed by natural forces southwest of present-day Louisville , creating a large lake until the dam burst.

A new route was carved to the Mississippi. Eventually the upper and middle sections combined to form what is essentially the modern Ohio River. The Ohio River is a naturally shallow river that was artificially deepened by a series of dams. The natural depth of the river varied from about 3 to 20 feet 0. The dams raise the water level and have turned the river largely into a series of reservoirs , eliminating shallow stretches and allowing for commercial navigation.

The Allegheny River , left, and Monongahela River join to form the Ohio River at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , the largest metropolitan area on the river. Louisville, Kentucky , The deepest point of the Ohio River is a scour hole just below Cannelton locks and dam river mile A barge hauls coal in the Louisville and Portland Canal , the only artificial portion of the Ohio River.

Cincinnati skyline showing the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge to Covington, Kentucky. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ohio River The widest point on the Ohio River is just north of downtown Louisville , where it is one mile 1. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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In Inscoe, John C. The Mountain South from Slavery to Segregation. University Press of Kentucky. Bluegrass dealers made a business of buying up Negroes at auction sales and shipping them down to New Orleans to be sold to owners of cotton and sugar cane plantations. This practice gave rise to the expression 'sold down the river.

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