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In , it sold its British operations to Resolution Life Group. The acquisition of Corpus Sireo, a German real estate asset management service provider, is completed in the summer of , [14] and that of Mayfair Capital, a UK real estate investment management firm, in The Swiss Life Group reports by country. Besides the three core markets Switzerland, France and Germany, the Group separately discloses its cross-border segments International and Asset Managers.

Swiss Life Switzerland is a comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions provider with the brands Swiss Life and Swiss Life Select, and is one of the leading providers with over one million insured persons. The German branch of Swiss Life, founded in , is based in Munich and offers private and corporate clients services in pensions saving and financial security. Core competencies are occupational disability insurance and occupational pensions.

With locations in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Singapore, Swiss Life International offers Private placement life insurance solutions for high-net-worth individuals in Europe and Asia, and acts as employee benefit providers for large corporate clients. Swiss Life Asset Managers offers institutional and private investors access to investment and asset management solutions.

In Switzerland, it is one of the largest institutional asset managers and the third largest fund provider in the country. The Board of Directors is responsible for the general direction of the Group and the supervision of the Corporate Executive Board.

The Board is elected for one-year terms and is composed as follows: The group CEO directs the business operations of the group and works out the long-term objectives and strategic orientation of the group, together with the corporate executive board.

Swiss Life also jointly founded the Swiss Climate Foundation with eleven other companies in All partners donate their net gains from redistributed CO2 levies to the foundation, which in turns supports projects helping small and medium-sized enterprises to reach voluntary target agreement with the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector EnAW , develop operational energy savings and climate protection solutions. The Corporate Responsibility Report focuses on business activities, society, employees and the environment and is guided by the principle of materiality.

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