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The chart below shows how VXX’s price has fared relative to the VIX. The VIX is a range bound index (scale on the right side of chart) that stays between around 9 and 80, whereas VXX erodes over time and must be reverse split to keep its price in a reasonable trading range.

Commodity refers to a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other goods of the same type. Post-mortem of SAB short trade. The weighted average coupon of a bond fund is arrived at by weighting the coupon of each bond by its relative size in the portfolio.

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BI PRIME: Two exchange-traded products designed to return the inverse of the VIX imploded at the close of futures trading on Monday, losing $3 billion in value.

UVXY options are quite expensive due to the volatility of the ETF, but if want to increase your leverage, or reduce your capital exposure they are a possibility. Most of the action is over in a few days. Its design attempts to minimize losses when the market is quiet and take make dramatic gains when volatility really spikes. For the average investor there are five ways to go long on VIX: Aggressive The choice is not for the faint of heart.

Volatility Funds vs the VIX. The fifth option, buying VIX options, is no more difficult than buying equity options. In addition to their sluggish performance, they have these other issues:. She is the perfect sparing partner, and will be a big help in contrasting the differences between Trump and the others, and she will help him win again in Big crash before Christmas, big bounce on Boxing Day but the Toronto markets were closed , then a drop on Thursday, and then on Friday, thanks to a hostile takeover bid for pot stock Aphria, the pot stocks bounced big.

The big guys like tobacco and beverage companies can buy these companies at great prices, so I would not be surprised to see many take over offers in The biggest factor will be that the USA is moving towards legalization at the federal level, which will create explosive legal demand.

Cannabis stocks will be a great place to be in I did very well on my puts over the last two weeks. When Tesla drops, I sell the puts, and reinvest the original capital in more puts, either farther out or more out of the money.

Always look on the bright side, my mother always said. The markets appear to be firmly in bear market territory. On Friday, the stocks that have held this market up for years, like Google Alphabet and Facebook, were making 52 week lows. In the Northern Hemisphere […]. That should be the line in the sand where the next move up from that level will either take out yesterday's high and make a run to new all time highs or fail and rollover to drop back down to test that level again, and more then likely break it on that move down.

The worry for the bulls is based on seasonality I think as September and October can be scary months for the market, usually producing corrections and crashes. But we have also keep in mind that weird things have been happening in the market this year as crazy mini-crashes come out of nowhere and then get completed reversed in the weeks that follow. This must be the only way they can keep the market from crashing I guess?

Just drop it hard and get it extremely oversold so you can reset the charts back to bullish again after exhausting the bulls over the prior weeks and months in front of those mini-crashes. Then there's the Hillary card She is fully under their control and takes orders well, while Donald does whatever he wants.

We all know the elections are rigged but I guess they still have to play the game of trying to make the public like Hillary, even-though they already have her setup to win regardless of fact that Trump will likely get more votes. It's all just an illusion for us sheep to have something to talk about so we can be distracted as they steal our money through a dozen different methods.

Anyway, for the market today it's all about that higher rising trendline breaking or holding I think. A failure to break keeps the bulls in full control and should lead to a sideways to slightly up day chop mostly , but if it breaks the bears get ball back.

However, it's on their own 10 yard line They need to take out that level I think or else they'll just give the bulls back the ball on the bears 20 yard line