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Venkateshwara-The bonus delcared may be two times of what you paid.

Top Performing Schemes

It is a diversified equity scheme predominantly investing in large cap stocks across sectors in line with Nifty 50 index. To achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio predominantly consisting of equity and equity related securities including derivatives. This fund is managed by Shreyash Devalkar. The Fund aims to derive benefit from pickup in domestic demand owing to economic recovery.

The fund's position in large-cap stocks balances out its aggressive positioning in mid- and small-cap stocks. The fund has also taken overweight position in the pharmaceutical sector after recent corrections Make One-Time investment. The fund has also taken overweight position in the pharmaceutical sector after recent corrections. To generate long term capital appreciation by capitalizing on potential investment opportunities through predominantly investing in equities, equity related securities.

The primary investment objective of the scheme is to seek to generate long term capital appreciation by investing predominantly into equity and equity related instruments of large cap companies. See how investing Rs. We found [object Object] Mutual Fund schemes matching your criteria.

Why invest in Mutual Funds MF. Why this Mutual Fund Close. Created with Highstock 6. Fund Manager Mahesh Patil. This fund is managed by Mahesh Patil.

Calculation for 5 years is not available for this scheme. Fund Manager Shreyash Devalkar. Fund Manager Sankaran Naren. This fund is managed by Sankaran Naren. Fund Manager Neelesh Surana. I am 40 years old working class person want to start SIP and do some investing for securing my future and to help me do some financial planning….

In which Good quality MFs i should invest in considering relatively lower risk. Dheeraj-I usually suggest to avoid equity if your goal is around 5 years. I am new investor with zero experience in MF. Now I am planning to invest 5,00, lump sum for next 10 year to create wealth so that it can be used to buy property where I would like to settle after 10 year. Can you please advice me what i should do? So from your article I see Interest earned is taxable.

If my overall taxable income for the year is 5 lack then total taxable income will be 5,51, Is my understanding is correct? Next year if taxable income is 3 Lakh then my overall taxable income tax it would be 3. So what would you suggest me here. I have no chances to become employer again. I need to open my own business. How to find out Multiple UANs linked to my number? But I have downloaded my Passbook and I see everything updated with my recent employer where all previous employers PF amount is mentioned in the passbook.

If I manually withdraw with the recent Employer I will get all amount carried from all previous employers right? Please guide me and suggest me. Then proceeded to withdrawal. Thanks again for the reply. Also I have only one UAN so far. I am not sure why website showing wrong info. I have already completed 5 years. One of my known told me that I need to submit Form 15 G as well. If I want to manually submit the withdrawl what are all forms I need to submit?

Hi Basu Sir, Thanks for making us financial literate. Just wanted to know, I have extra money of INR In which MFs, I should invest considering low risk and high gain.

Sorry for the unclear message. Period could be years. Low risk and high gain means: Sanjeev-Then use one ultra short term debt fund and one large cap equity fund in ratio of Problem is that now we are residing away from the home branch.

Can you kindly explain what exactly it means and what I should do in response of it. Could you please share which are the best options for the child policy. My second kid will be completing 1 year by 23rd Oct and I am interested to know if there are better policy. Is it really worth going for the child policy? Also could you provide the financial plans for long term, if yes what are your fees?

I would like to discuss with you and plan for my financials post retirement. I am holding Icicilombards ploicy from last 7 years. But in this sub-limit is there. If I remove this sub-limit the premium would be high. Because of high premium I am thinking for port to other company or start to other health insurance schemes. Presently family floater is 3 lakh and non claim bonus is 1. I am looking for around 5 lakh plolicy. Thank for your replay. Now my renewal date is , in this time I can switch to new one.

I am not comfortable with online policy, Any good agent is available in Mulund area? PPK-You can contact with Mr. Abhay Gadiyar senior and most experienced. His number is Sir I am Shreeniwas Gadiyar from Thane. I represent New India and Star Health. My wife represents CignaTTK. If interested to port, pl contact me on Assuring you professional support post sales. Vivek-You have to inform the bank or post office for the same immediately and give a letter for closure. They will return the money without paying interest on that.

I have resigned from my previous organisation and I am currently working with another company. Will i be able to withdraw my PF amount of my previous organisation in this case. Please guide me with the possibilities. I need your advice.. I am 47 year old man with a family wife — 40 years, daughter — 10 years. I want to retire by 50 due to personal reasons. Current annual Income is Rs.

I have a corpus of 75 lacs liquid. This investment will continue till year maturity. I have PPF — 18 lacs as of now which will mature by But, I will hold the existing investment till maturity. My current monthly expenses are Rs. So, where should I invest Rs. If the investment is not enough that the returns would not cover my monthly expenses, then for long I should continue to work assuming 10 lacs annual income.

Manjunath-I thank for your sharing. But do understand the difficulty and dangerous part of guiding you with mere few lines of sharings. I need more data. Dear Basavaraj, Thank you for responding sensibly with due concern to others. I shared the preliminary data, how ever, if you need any specific information, I would be happy to share with you, please advise what more information you need? Dear Basu, I want to invest around 2lakhs per year in mutual finds for best returns.

I am neralla srinivas from andhra pradesh want to invest in mutual funds atleast two to three lakhs per annum for 5 years for best returns. I am Anurag, from Bangalore. I would like to get some expert opinion on my financial planning. I am 37 yr old, working in a software company and my annual package is 20L.

In this, they are calming that around Rs. After death of the last survivor myself and my wife ,the invested 26L would be paid to the nominee kid. The annuity option which is mentioned is 15k pension for Life of Proposer and Spouse with return of purchase price on death of last survivor.

The LIC plan you are holding is not annuity plan. But it was sold like that by your agent. Came across your blog and I am really impressed with it. Good to hear that you are from Guledgudda.

Even my native is Bagalkot. I am Sharat Das, a regular viewer of your Blog. Few days back, i was searching the best blogs in India. I found you at the top. I am really inspired by you and your Advise. Now I am planning to launch a Blog website where I can put all my thoughts and imaginations what qualities I have. I am requesting you please advise me how to start a successful Blog through which I can earn some amount of Money to run this successfully.

I want to know the chitfunds growth. Like which one is strong in benefits and growth sector, which one can believe. I know there are some of the famous chit fund companies like Shriram chits, margadarshi chits and Kapil chits. Please provide me any information regarding chit funds in your articles. Two UANs has been alloted to me, one by my previous employer and one by my current employer. Also, I have not registered my new UAN yet.

Should I proceed and register the new UAN as well? Actually i worked from to in chemical industry. Now i am joined in new industry by using total experience to so this new employer asking my pf number and uan number,if i am given my account details is there any problem occur if its occur what i have to do and how to manage the problem please advise me presently i need job.

Ravi-Provide your old account number to employer and continue the same. There will not be any problem. First of all I would like to thank you for showing the path to investors who do not have any knowledge about investing. Your articles are very informative, useful and helpful. You are a mentor for many investors like me. I have a EPF Rs. Hi Basu,glad to have come across your blog. Im 27 years old,doctor by profession and have very less knowledge about investment.

I want to invest in mutual funds. Want to know which mode should i use for starting sip of 5k pm. As u have already advised not to go with the bank bkz they r least bothered about portfolios. I dont have very well defined goals as of now. Is it possible for me to start a sip for 5 years and stop it in between if i need the money without incurring any penalty?

Aliya-You can start with advisers like me , online portals like FundsIndia. If you are capable of handling your portfolio on your own, then go for DIRECT funds where no middlemen and cost is less.

Choose the one which you opt for. Yes, you can start the SIP in middle at any point of time. Also, you can extend the period as long as you wish. Hi,i was mis sold a hdfc ULIP and have recieved the document today. Can u tell me what reason should i give so its considered valid. Could you please help me for this? Do I need to hire you? If yes how much it will cost me? Sanjeev-You can discuss all those matters here.

I need your advice in filling my IT returns,let me know your email id or mobile number privately please. I would like to share my filled pf withdrawal UAN form with you to review it. Please provide your email id. I went to Pf office for checking my form to pre-check any pendency but they refuse to do so. Prakash-Better you contact them. It is their duty. If they refuse, then let they be give it in written.

But they told they are not gonna provides any pre-submission remark as they only provided it when form gets rejected. So, Please if you help me than at-least chances for my form being rejected gets reduces.

Now since the father is the guardian of the child, he is within the limit of total investment and SINCE mother is not marked as a guardian, she is entitled to deposit additional money in husbands and childs account while depositing in her own account,.

Ravi-When father is guardian of a kid, then including both accounts, he can only deposit Rs. Which is satisfied as per rule. Because it must be through her husband. But husband already deposited Rs. Hence, it is not allowed. I am a NRI. Mohan-If you are looking for constant stream of income without bothering about tax and inflation , then definitely go ahead.

Many thanks for your response. Can I email you the details. Bash Many thanks for your response. I would like you to prepare financial plan for me Is there any format to be followed.? Is there any other mail for more personal correspondence. I didnt do any transfer. How can i resolve this. Total yearly premium for 16 policy is approx 1,10, and 3 premiums are paid so far. I also have another Jeevan Anand with 5L sum assured for which 3 premiums are paid yearly premium is 27k. I feel my LIC contribution is more than it should be and now thinking to get rid of some policy either by surrender or paid-up and take term insurance and invest future premium in SIP instead.

My son is born. Prisha-The worst product any agent of LIC can design is these combo plans. I know it is heavy investment and big mistake you did.

Try to come out of these plans at the earliest. So how can you cope up with inflation? In your next comment you mentioned that the maturity amount of such combo plans will be Rs. However, what is the value of this Rs. At the same time, I am not neglecting the importance of insurance. Hence, buy a term insurance immediately to the tune fo at least times of your yearly income.

Regarding your SIPs, I am unable to understand what it is? SIP is not a product but the way of investment. Let me know more.

Thanks for the reply Basu! Instead diversify into debt too. Which are debt products heard abt bonds wherein we can invest, does PPF comes under debt? Prisha-Instead of investing in bonds, you can use short term debt funds. Yes, PPF comes under debt. But you have to check the performance and margin of error.

Thanks for the guidenace through timely replies. Shruti-I already replied to your old comment. Without knowing much of your financial life and goals, it is hard for me to guide. I am a regular visitor to your blog and find it very informative. Congratulations on completing 4 years and my best wishes for many more years to come. I have one request, which is to add a search option to the website. The reason being I sometimes look for specific details or information on the articles which I may have read earlier, which is very difficult to locate in this huge pile of information.

If you still feel uncomforted, then let me know. I will try to resolve by changing the design concept. I am planning to take term plan from any of the pvt insurer because of cheaper premium than lic. The corporates can do anything.

Lakshikanth-No need to worry. Go ahead, there are enough checks to make them be in line with rules. Now I am planning to take CFP, for better career. Lokesh-I am not sure the domain of BPO be considered as experience. Future of CFP is bright to those who are ready to learn and customer centric. Learning and learning is the best activity to compete the CFP. Now I have a strange problem. I think that insurance in India is a racket and in particular the private sector. Recently I called a insurance person from some X company I wish not to mention the name of the company and I was surprised to hear that the term insurance does not serve its purpose in case of permanent disability to the insured which is more than death.

Also the endowment policies are just crap and does not serve the purpose and just fills the pockets of the insurance agents. Request you to please throw some light on the insurance and insurance sector as well.

So it purely take care of death but not survival partially or fully disability. That is the reason you MUST have accidental insurance as well. Thanks for your idea and I will definitely look into it. I worked since April , in Gujarat. When I left that company, I applied for my P. Do I have to submit any affidavit for the correction of name, if yes do you have the affidavit format? Also as its more than 3 yrs, P. If yes can you provide me the affidavit format. You can transfer the funds to the current one.

Suppose recently one employee has joined our organization but if he has not withdrawn his earlier pf but still wants PF exemption in present company Our organization.

So is he eligible to make declaration in form 11? Suresh-Yes, because each new employment is considered newly and based on his salary structure he can either join or stay away from EPF. Is there any notification or circular is there from EPFO for the same. If yes pl provide me the same. When employee joining an organization and his salary is more than Rs. Vijaya-It is hard for me to list all areas of Bangalore. Mahesh-SIP is a way of investment.

But sadly many understand that SIP is a investment product. Regarding investment through SIP, without knowing your goals and financial details, it is hard for me to guide you. I hv been associated with it since June Mamta-You can file the returns but is left with AO to consider In some cases they may impose penalty.

This year it is 31st August. However, usually every year it will be 31st July. Yes, you can do it online. You can use ITR4. I seek your advice on the following: How do I get an A Katha?

How much should it cost? Check why the part of property still be B Khata. Then you will come to know the reason. Sir, I am an NRI. The sum assured is Rs. It is for 10 years term. At present my age is I want to know if this will give me, better yield than NRE Fixed deposit?

Raj-Whether your requirement is better yield or creating retirement corpus? This SBI Plan is a typical traditional plan. Hello Basavaraj, I am planning to invest in a long term Endowment Plan. I am planning for a 25 year term. So is this policy good or do you suggest any other better policy.

Kindly reply with your suggestions. By visiting the portal of company I felt it is totally in bad shape when the homepage itself clarifies the investors agony. I am connecting with your blog since long time. I have few queries regarding my current investment. Sir I am from Assam. Can you tell me about GRM gold in Secunderabad. I invested some money with them in gold. I want to withdraw the money now. Hi Basu, Help me to understand options available to me on Provident fund. I am NRI with no income in India from Once I left the job in , I had not withdrawn my PF.

Now, its about 3 years to , PF account will become dormant with no interest paid. I have no immediate need of money. Help me to understand on tax liability on PF withdrawal.

I understand 5 year of continuous service leads to Tax free withdrawal of PF. Will my 3 year of service and 3 years of waiting be counted in continuous service? Or Do I have to wait for another two years to be elligible for tax free withdrawal?

This is Nagendra ,Engineer working in Bangalore from last 6 years. I did start my investment at start of my career with SBI magnum taxgain. Down the line started investing on few other funds. Below are my mutual fund investment details monthly. I do not have any loan. My queries are as below 1. Can i continue with the above mentioned MF and other investments? I have a child now. How can I plan for his future? Planning to purchase a land.

Can I take all the MF amount and invest in land? Magnum pharma gold was my choice and others by broker thru my friend……i can cancel these any time based on ur suggestions….. HDFC Top is good. So again I am against such combination of investment. Planning for kid involves lot of data sharing your end. What prompted you to arrive at this thought? Nagendra-It is purely left with you to buy a home or in rented. I personally stay in rented house and I am much comfortable.

Data sharing involves full financial details not in this platform but personally and it is fee based service. These two funds are enough. You are already an existing customer. So just continue if other features and service is OK for you. We had invested in Market plus 1 plan in Aug through 2 single premium of 50k each without any insurance cover or rider. Also we have been investing 10k annually in Money plus since Mar with an insurance cover of Rs 1. The returns on this front has been dismal significantly less than what we would have got in a bank FD.

We are thinking of withdrawing entire investment. What are your views. Should we stay invested or withdraw? No Hope that they perform well. Buying product only for the sake of tax saving is a biggest blunder.

Please try to define your goals then finally chose products. Thank you for this awesome blog. If I have 10 lakhs to invest as an NRI for a year period, what is the best option? FD or some insurance plan? I am personally not concerned about the death benefit value at this point as i have an insurance here. I just want to figure out what is the recommended investment vehicle?

If you suggest ins. Ajnabi-First makes up your mind about when you need money. After 5 years or 10 years??? Wide guessing will not work while investing. I am flexible between 5 years and 10 years, but if I dont get the investment back till 10 years, i can live with that. I have a fair amount of exposure to those in my other portfolio. I was approached by kotak with some ins. Pay 1lakh per year for 15 years.

I understand that these ins. Additionally, with FD there is almost 0 risk besides the forex risk. Ajnabi-Your requirement is for 10 yrs but running behind a product of 21 yrs term. I think you not fully understood the concept of diversification. But the product must match your requirement.

Second whether it beats the inflation or not. What making you to shy when you are ready to invest in a worst products of the recommendation given by Kotak. I m not sure if you are giving a clear answer. All i m saying is i was approached by kotak guy. I m trying to see what investment vehicles exist besides FD that are safe for about a 10 year period. The equity funds appear to have higher fees. The stock market has had a great run, so I am kind of hesitant.

And dont you read my responses? I said I already have enough exposure in stocks and funds in my other portfolio. That is why i want to play safe with some of my other money and I am asking is there anything that beats and FD? How is that not diversifying my investments? After reading your responses to my queries here, You know what I dont need your advice. Thanx, but no thanx. Equity funds at higher fees? Exposure to a product must be based on your goals time horizon.

Suppose, you have many of long term goals then I suggest more equity than debt. Same applies in your case too. If this money is for long term then why to bother about over exposure of equity? Each high and low have their own highs and lows. When we stay in equity for long term then these will not matter to us. What matters to me is how much I got real return Return on investment-Inflation rate. Akash-Once you became an agent then you can shift your agency across India.

I am 36 years old and I need your guidance in building my financial career. I am married and have a girl age 3 and I am the only source of income for my family. I have LIC bima gold plan with the premium of rs annually for 16 years SA and this is going to end in I am planning to take pure term plan in a couple of weeks after reading your blog. The reason behind is to save few thousands and as well as backup plan In case one company denies at least my family will get 50L from another company.

Please suggest me if this is fine. I have company medical policy. Do I need to go for one personal medical policy or taking medical policy is unnecessary as the the policies are so complicated when it comes to settlement covering only this not those diseases replies from companies.

Please suggest me how to to plan my future financial needs. Senthil-First try to come out of LIC plan. But do remember that it must be for long term. Splitting of term insurance is your comfort. But to me I prefer one only. Better to have your own health insurance also. Regarding rest of plans, I have no clue. Because not sure about your goals and details. Is there any way I can get connected with you or you can help me in finding CFP like you who can help me in this.

We discuss further things. I took insurance policy in and paid the premiums for almost 9 years. It is a group of policies, sum insured is around 10 laks with yearly premium is around 33k and I would be getting money back from the age when I attain till 80 years. Due to some financial issues and other knowledge I have on insurance, I stopped paying.

I reached our my insurance advisor on surrendering the policy as it been almost 2 years since I paid last premium. I am in dilemma now. I am looking for your suggestion. I request you to provide your suggestion. Venkateshwara-The bonus delcared may be two times of what you paid. But whether they give it to you now? NO…second this is when you look for long term then this bonus accumulation will not earn interest.

So your return diminish in long run. Hence better to come out of this plan. Our total family income on an average comes to around Rs.

I am planning to buy a Term plan of Rs. Presently, we are having total Insurance of only Rs. Base SI of Rs. However, we are concerned if mixing of 2 or more insurers may complicate the claim process. We are not having any kind of medical conditions till now. Also, currently we are having a negligible insurance of only Rs.

Hetal-Buy insurance based on the income range at least times of yearly income of an individual. Also what will be the value of Rs. So restrict your policy period to 65 Yrs maximum. No need to split health insurance. Hetal-My competitive price comparison either may be costly or cheap to you.

So how can I suggest? I am claiming income tax rebate on the amount invested in my PPF account. She is NRI now. She is a House wife and do not have her own income. Whether the basic things like term insurance, health insurance and accidental insurance are at place? Also do you feel your investment will be diversified if you choose 10 funds instead of one fund? Could you please guide me where to invest the money. Satish-Where to invest is easy but suggesting you by mere two lines is tough for me.

Because I need lot of data from your end to advice you properly. UAN is allotted for my old pf account number. Now i changed the company new pf account number is created and they said like it is not possible to transfer my old pf to new pf account.

In this case is it is possible to withdrawal my old pf acccout UAN is allotted for this account. Manikanta-Your current employer suggesting you wrong. I am having some questions related to monthly investment, as I am salaried employee. I dont want a investment become liability for lifetime. I planned something, please check it and suggest me what should I do. May I go on with it or you have some better options.

Hello Sir You are doing a great work.. Sandeep-I understand your concern. But Facebook notification is all in your hand. You can set it in your Facebook account setting notification. Dear Base Sir, Thank you for your financial guidance here. This is first time. So my doubts are here. Is it safe to invest in SIP? If risks are there shall I put 50k into RD?

I would like to invest only for 7 years in SIP is it possible? I am moderate risk so could you please pick SIP for me either 50 or 1 lac per month. I need this after 7 years for my children education purpose. I have 5 lacs cash shall I invest FD? Or could you please guide me the good investment of this 5 lacs.

Thank you for your kind help. Rajan-Investment risk will be based on the goal time frame too. So it involves many things to arrive at product selection.

Generic views will not apply to each individual. Your blog is really helpful and informative….. I could get all requaired details related to PF from this blog. One of my Friend has filed the IT return with a wrong details.

He has wrongly entered the PF deducted amount as Tax deduction. He has send the ITR V to the bangalore office too. Will the Tax officials correct themselves or he need to refile it? What if he is not filing, will they return only the returnable amount as per tax deduction or what happens? Sir, i have instructed him to do refiling, but unfortunately the old tax filing has been processed.

Whether this will reflect in the next tax filing as he needs to pay? If so i will have him to keep the amount safe so that he can pay on the next filing. Hi Basavaraj, I do read your blogs and i must say you are doing a great job. I have two question, i want to invest in debt fund with a time horizon of and years. Please suggest me a strategy considering the fact that there might be a rate cut soon. I need this fund for some real estate commitment which i have in and around time frame,.

I earn per month. I can invest up to per month. I would like sip this in 3 or 4 mutual funds. I am a moderate risk taker. I want to invest Rs. Can you suggest good plan? If the plan includes tax benefits, it will helps to me. Please tell me about lock period also for SIP. Rs -HDFC mid cap opportunities fund 3. Rs — TATA balanced fund. Gain is tax free from equity investment if your time horizon is more than a year. Myself Nayaj 37 years old NRI…..

I will retire from my job within next years. Can you please advise a good Pension Plan which I can start now. Nayaj-Sadly none…you need to create your own by choosing product based on your goal tenure and risk you can take. Can you tell if the mutual fund companies can charge any penalty if I redeem the policy before maturity date? I invested 50k rs in sbi tax advantage scheme in and maturity is in but would like to know much they charge if I foreclose.

But schemes charge exit load in case of early withdrawal. This exit load depends on fund. So there will be some exit load. But I am not sure about the exit load of your fund. Please check the scheme document for the same. Could you please advise me whether should i continue both of these policies or should i close one of these and invest in Mutual funds.

As of now my SIP inivestments are in the following: I was not having much idea and exposure when I started investing and hence I invested in all HDFC funds from last years. My son is 4 years now. I do not own a house in Bangalore and would like to buy one down the line and for any down payments I am thinking of year term for a new mutual fund with good returns. Shrikant-My serious suggestion is to come out of all equity mutual funds irrespective of performance of fund.

Because you are claiming that your goal period is years. So equity is not suitable for such short term goals. For short term of years, what I mean is that, I want start a new investment for around years giving good returns. Shrikant-But I still feel be specific with your time frame and if it is 5 years also then stay away. Rest is left with you. Sumedh-Buying insurance today and forgetting about it is not a wise idea.

You need to review your insurance need once in a 5 years. So you need to increase your insurance coverage based on income, liability and dependency. For me both are equally good and bad. I have answered various questions honestly said yes to alcohol consumption and said no to question on taking part in adventurous sports as hobby. If one consumes alcohol and is sitting as a passenger and meets with accident and dies , will the claim be paid.

Rajesh-If you consumed and sitting as passenger and met with accidental death then it is not considered as death due to consuming but due to accident. If even you participate in any such adventures during your free time too, you need to mention it while buying. I am 26 yrs. How and where to invest my money to save good amount for future mainly after 15 yrs. Sajal-Area of investing depends on many data sharing from your end.

So how can I guide without that? Thank you for your reply. I want to make Rs. Sir , Following are my Financial details. Jyoti-First cover your existing liabilities with insurance along with that you need to include current values of future financial goals. Along with that buy accidental insurance and health insurance too.

There are no different types of term plans. So buy it online based on your comfort with company, feature and budget. Rahul-There is no such retirement plan which I say best. So best option is to create your own retirement corpus by investing in products based on the time frame left for retirement. Never run behind these pension policies. Rahul-If you feel that it suites then go ahead. But how you have opted this plan?

Have you checked their past performance? Hard part of ULIPs is checking fund performance. Hence I am strict believer of separating investment with insurance. Yes i have review the pas performance, returns are good. I can invest 35K Annaul. I am 50 years old with working spouse. My other investment in real estate is approx 1. Dear Basavaraj Recently I got around 9. Though i wanted to be invested in PPF , I have forgot to renew the account and the bank has sent me the cheque closing the account.

Please suggest some long term , low risk and tax free investment options. My age is 51 years. Rajashekar-How much is long term in your view, what current investment you are having, how your income and expenditure are balanced and do you have any specific goal attached to it? Long term is 10 years in my view. I have another 15 lakhs investment in mutual funds, I am a govt. My expenses are around 6 lakhs. Post retirement i would get pension from Govt,.

My goal for the investment is retirement fund from which i expect regular returns after 10 years. Rajashekhar-Then go for Balanced Fund which will automatically takes care of Equity and Debt proportion.

I was planning with LIC. There is every possibility that they may say you have not disclosed such ailments during buying. So going for term insurance without any proper scrutiny from insurer is more dangerous.

They have all rights reserved to reject your claim. If LIC online term plan is affordable for you then go ahead.

Mohan-LIC will issue you policy only after complete medical examination. So that risk will not be there. I joined in another company in May My flat rent is Rs.

Now how to claim this rent amount that I paid to my house owner? Raci-Please take help of any of your local tax expert or CA.