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Signals are generating fine and working like miracle. Bank Nifty was trading in a highly compressed fashion compared to Nifty.


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What makes you think that this AFL looks into future? Can you please explain with an example. We will report the same to the original author of this AFL. Also Bar Replay do not show any overlooking signals. Paste this snippet at the end of the code to get voice alerts: Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to Trading Tuitions. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Thanks and regards Umesh. We are not proving algo bridge for ODIN. Remove everything below Buy,Sell, Short,cover logic and try it out.

Pls tell line no from line no to end line no. Have kept everything as default as the original codding in the file. Another problem is that Backtesting is not working. No results are displayed however im not getting any error message as some other users have mentioned above.

Can you apply neural network to optimize the result? Can you shed some light on that? Thanking you in anticipation. How to solve this problem. Thankyou for the reply, is there any other software where this is possible, and if we would like to use different time frame filter like daily ma 20 is it possible in supertrend for back test?

Yeh you can backtest with different timeframe filter. Not necesary that you have to use only EMA. Its just one good example otherwise Sky is the limit! Could u point me where I should check??

I have tried backtesting using the new code u have provided. Still no trades are being generated. I tried using both 1hr and 30m timeframe….. A very good afl. It is not changing the target when subsequent trades are generated for same direction.

Can you kindly help us in getting new target lines for each new trades generated. April has been the toughest month for supertrend followers, the highest number of stoplosses in banknifty. Months like this is when the true discipline and conviction of the traders is tested.

In such months of volatility , if we have backtested results, its very helpful to keep on continuing with our system. Bank Nifty was trading in a highly compressed fashion compared to Nifty.

Sir, For making this Supertrend V. This would probably reduce trend-less loss-making trades and would probably increase profitability per trade. Yet, I did not find any particular parameter combination giving output back-testing report with Profit Factor and Sharpe Ratio above 2.

Kindly requesting you to suggest me particular parameter combination giving output back-testing report with Profit Factor and Sharpe Ratio above 2.

Thats tru, the market dynamucs change, as of now 6 month it is give great profit in 15 min factor 3 without any filter. I can tell u a method to decide the scrupt and the best timeframe and foctor for it but the again it wont be forever due to change in markets nature, so keep probabilty on ur side and with a little luck u can get great profit.

As said, System should tell u when to add or exit. Based on the premise moneymanagement rules would look like,. With higher number of trades brokerage and slippage take a lot more impact. Calculating them ahead is important.

Percentage brokerage with any where from. Assuming that i would be placing a market order as soon as i get a signal.? I have been trading it actively and there is not much slippage as the time is fixed and while you backtest you make the trade at next bar open. Yes , only semi automated is supported currently. However, current form of PI is very basic it would be really practical only when it can send open positions size, scripts, quantity data to Amibroker. I tried your signal to fetch result in an EA in MT4.

However the results were erroneous. It never matched the values in data window. Do you have an EA for this indicator or can you please clarify whats wrong. I am bit confused for Long Targets! Make sure non of the candles are selected if yes you will see a blue vertical line which make the dashboard to show wrong values. Remove the blue line by just double click over the lines so that the dashboard show wrong values and ensure you are not selecting any candles with your cursor.

As you can see the above chart shows the target correctly, but not it SuperTrend V4. The problem only with long position targets, the short position target shows correctly! Try using bar replay future it will show current values. Dont scroll to the past and check the dashboard value.

Coz currently the dashbord is not confiured to run that way. It always with respect to the ltp price or the selected value. Supertrend has given two bad months consecutively, april and may. There is a delay set so as to execute the order at the open of the next bar, that is, the open of the bar after the signal bar -- SetTradeDelays 1, 1, 1, 1.

However the BuyPrice and ShortPrice values are set at the close of the signal bar itself not the next bar. Thanks a lot for a new version with more conviction. Please incorporate sentiments dashboard in supertrend 4. I tried to apply supertrend 4. Sir, very good afl I want to scan the stocks trading above the trend line i. SIR Supertrend Indicator for 15 minutes just shows all the trends at 9: Make sure you have enough number of bars or possibly you are trying to backtest for All Symbols where some of the charts dont have data.

Use Current symbol for backtesting or use filters. If i want to place exit at 3 target every trade as most of time price touches 3 rd target and correction is generated and loss is booked. How to do that. But i am stuck. My understanding is that this primae facie due to there being lesser noise in cash market compared to future markets. I wanted to know if you have run any such analysis and what were your views on generating trades on cash market and executing them on futures market.

As even your indicators on back testing gives better results for cash markets than on futures market. I also wanted to know what is the commissions and slippage that you take into account for backtesting of supertrend. Consecutive 5 5 0 Largest win Consecutive 0 0 0 Largest loss 0. Indicator in MTF i hope response possitively thankyou sir.

I am not able to apply the Supertrend v4. I got this code through my friend, since am not good in computers, not able to rectify the problem in that code. How have you considered contract expiry days for Nifty Futures? Did you use adjusted Nifty Futures data for series rollover? Thanks for the reply. There are various ways to adjust data to make the contracts continuous.

Some people calculate the difference between closing prices on expiry day of two consecutive contracts and then then do backward adjustment. Some calculate the ratio of closing prices on expiry day and then do adjustment. Some do forward adjustment. Just waned to understand, which methodology did you follow to manually adjust the data to make continuous? Thanks for your efforts. Where as the sell signal actually came at PLs recheck at your end.

Sir please help me as per super trend if sell signal came at Hi sir, Thanks for this good work you are giving to us.

I have used auto trading nest now control. Orders are generated but not going into now terminal. I have Nest plus subscription also. That Nest plus 2. I have also going through your latest blogs and With your website only I understood technical analysis importance and now I am learning it also. I also started algo trading with symphony. Integrated supertrend 4 with presto and used it for paper trading.

Signals are generating fine and working like miracle. Thanks for such good AFL. I also want to know can we give orders using supertrend 4 as buy call option for nifty when supertrend generate buy signal and when supertrend generate sell signal for nifty then order should place to buy put option for nifty. Please help me to create that afl. If it work then it will help lots of people who are loosing money trading with options.

Thanks a lot again.